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Man that looks a LOT like him.
Some of the later shots make it seem like its not him sadly though.

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Another great read! 5 stars!
The New York Post raves "This is the number one blog of the summer! ...A must see!"
But in all seriousness, I find these really interesting. I am planning to start messing around with these and learning them sometime between now and next year so its nice to have a little bit of a concept warm up. Explaining UVs as papercraft is a really smart comparison.

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You know, I don't think I have seen anyone else use bombastic on the forums. I find that both perplexing and deeply saddening. 
Welcome to the site!

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I got scared by a garbage bag 5 times.

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I need my music in the mornings or I am very grumpy.

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Photoshop is better, but GIMP is free. So its definitely a good jumping off point until you feel like buying Photoshop, or just torrenting it like the rest of the universe.

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He also said on twitter that he doesn't want anyone to send him money.

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Its just highschool, if you even bought a ring you are an idiot.

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If you already asked her and she said no politely via friend zoning. I think thats your answer. You can either just try and get over her and stay friends, or tell her you want to date her and not be trapped as friends.
Really though, I think she gave you your answer, so get her drunk and see what happens, otherwise just go find some other girl you don't really care about and try dating her for a little bit casually. See if she gets jealous and says something.
Personally, most of my friends are girls, and my rule is to keep them as friends unless I am interested and they make the first move. This is the 21st century, girls can make the first move, so you might as well wait it out and see what she does.