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@Gahathat: So why haven't you posted a link to the game yet? Thats the easiest way to get people to test it I reckon =P
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Not sure where you have been, they have mentioned it a couple times already that he was coming, plus talking about it all day via twitter. 
@B0nd07 said:

" Already a thread over here. "
Already exists.
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My first thought was definitely overheating, but it seems like that isn't the issue...
Have you tried alt +tabbing when you get the black screen to get out of the game? or Alt + F4 to kill it, or ctrl + shift + esc to pull up task manager? 
Task Manager would probably provide some nice information about CPU usage and anything out of the ordinary that we could use to diagnose the problem.
Regardless, itd be a good idea to go update your graphics card drivers.

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@Gahathat: Are you trolling us? If so, you suck at it.
If not, you might want to attach a link to the game at least. =P
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@krystians: C# (pronounced C sharp) is an object oriented programming language, its very similar to Java. The main difference is that XNA runs off C#, and that is what you need to make games for XBL. Though you can easily program games in Java or C++ or C# if you wanted to, its just that Microsoft has a very nice setup for XNA.
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Dolby :O

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@uberpwner93: PM the mods, have them delete your account, start a new one.
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@armaan8014 said:
" @Azteck said:

" @Red12b said:

" @Abyssfull said:
" @Ben99 said:
" so you're saying that you could type fine when you're drunk ? the whole idea of starting a topic like this just to draw attention is sad / "
Welcome to GiantBomb! "
and atman  EDIT: Sorry Batman. I just didn't spellcheck "
ood uck ave atman!
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Sellout! NDX is all ads now! You used to be cool! I HATE YOU NDX!!!!!!11111ONEEEE~~

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@artofwar420 said:
" What do you mean by better? Better for who? I choose Star Trek 'cause banging aliens. "
Plenty of aliens to bang in Mass Effect.