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That picture of young vinny is amazing........ AMAZING!

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Ken Levine is a selfish piece of trash. Another artist who thinks his creativity is stifled by the industry that made him. All those people who just lost a job and now don't know how to provide for their families. Yeah they might have jobs open but they gonna have to move. And you don't ever want to put your family through this kind of uncertainty. So let Levine enjoy his cup of coffee this morning and not care.

I didn't realize you knew him personally or had inside information about this, that's awesome.

Because, I mean, why else would you make such claims and talk trash about someone you've never met? Nah, you know something the rest of us don't. Good for you bro.

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I'll be playing it in the beginning, always like getting in on MMOs when they launch. Had fun in the beta.

I vote for "Nasty Midnighters"

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Just finished it, and oh my God those fucking stitches. Especially that last one.

D: Worse than Dead Space 2.

No way! Anything dealing with the eyeball is the worst, plus the stitches scene felt so forced. A much lesser version of the Lee arm chop for Clem to get a feel for pain.

See, I never did the arm chop for Lee, I never saw anything like it.

I didn't feel like it was forced, she had to do it and they made you go through it with her. I really liked it.

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I had a ton of fun with it, I don't know what people are so bent about. I'll definable be giving it a go when it comes out.
It's also pretty as hell, one of the best looking MMOs I've played.

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Yeah, I'm holding off on next gen this time around. Maybe in 6 months or something depending on how it goes. But I can't wait for the live stream.

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I played Knack... it's really not that great. I think NFS would be the better choice, either that or Injustice, that game is pretty good.

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@metal_mills: Go on NewEgg buy a 2TB 2.5" drive and put it in? You wont max that PS4 drive with games till well into next year by which time they'll add support for it for it latter on for some of the stuff missing. This stuff is dropping in hot son.

Holy crap, I didn't realize how cheap those things were.

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I've been on an emotional rollarcoaster with Froakie.
I loved squirtle so much in the original, I've never been big on water types, but it's always what I lean to for my first pick.

Having skipped every game after red I have missed almost every gen of new pokemon, so I'm not too fond of the new ones looks. But seeing everyone talk about it I think I'll give Froakie a break and give him a chance.

(way too much thought has went into this for someone my age)