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Why would you use Twitter in the first place?

Also you're not allowed to talk about Zoe on ANY website.


Yeah, just saw they deleted all the threads about her... that's pretty lame.

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Does anyone else think this article reads a little weird? There are some awkward sentences. Not trying to rag on Patrick at all, but I think an editor or proofreader would improve these stories.

That being said, Giant Bomb is the only place I go for any news, I don't need the stories hot off the press. I just want them accurate.

I already pinged Patrick a PM, I'm sure he will fix the grammar mistakes. I'm sure he's used to it by now :P

With all due respect, I don't believe it's the community's responsibility to proof read all Patrick's articles. There are also plenty of free tools out there to help people with this stuff anyway. Is he just too proud/blind to use any of them? This part felt especially weird to me:

Still, a little caution--we had to wait less than two hours--would have save some headaches. Now, I'm faced with running stories like this, in which I have to consider publishing a news story to disprove a non-story?!

I believe that since Dan is the "Senior Editor", he's the one that should be proofreading all the articles, but Patrick is also considered the "Senior News Editor". So their positions may be equal. However, this also means that Patrick is actually the one that should be checking everyone else's news articles. A prospect that terrifies me.

If Giantbomb is the only place you go for news then I would be a bit concerned, especially if accuracy is important.

Edit: The whole article also seems like a critique on "gaming journalism news reporting", which makes it feel a bit vain and condescending.

You really need to relax....

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Seeing Greg and Richard Garriot together is pretty awesome.

Yeah, I fully recommend that people watch that entire video.

The Richard Garriott interview is brilliant! I learned stuff.

The first RPG I ever played was Ultima IV. Fond memories.

UO was my first MMO and first and only Ultima game. Greg has worked on three of my favorite games.
I was that whole damn hour and was glued to the screen, so so good.

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Don't believe Ubisoft's lies this time, ok?

Also there is the Watch Dogs stuff.

Uh, looks fine to me... Far Cry was bad ass, I didn't feel cheated.

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That picture of young vinny is amazing........ AMAZING!

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Ken Levine is a selfish piece of trash. Another artist who thinks his creativity is stifled by the industry that made him. All those people who just lost a job and now don't know how to provide for their families. Yeah they might have jobs open but they gonna have to move. And you don't ever want to put your family through this kind of uncertainty. So let Levine enjoy his cup of coffee this morning and not care.

I didn't realize you knew him personally or had inside information about this, that's awesome.

Because, I mean, why else would you make such claims and talk trash about someone you've never met? Nah, you know something the rest of us don't. Good for you bro.

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I'll be playing it in the beginning, always like getting in on MMOs when they launch. Had fun in the beta.

I vote for "Nasty Midnighters"

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Just finished it, and oh my God those fucking stitches. Especially that last one.

D: Worse than Dead Space 2.

No way! Anything dealing with the eyeball is the worst, plus the stitches scene felt so forced. A much lesser version of the Lee arm chop for Clem to get a feel for pain.

See, I never did the arm chop for Lee, I never saw anything like it.

I didn't feel like it was forced, she had to do it and they made you go through it with her. I really liked it.

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I had a ton of fun with it, I don't know what people are so bent about. I'll definable be giving it a go when it comes out.
It's also pretty as hell, one of the best looking MMOs I've played.