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These guys..... what a season.

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I like the design of the guitar, but part of the fun for me, as someone who switched from GH2 to Rock Band, was making your band, customizing each member to look like your friends, and going on tour. With the FMV option, it seems like your members are set unless they filmed bits for various people you could pick, and even while that would be cool, it doesn't accomplish what I usually look for in my plastic instruments games. And from what I'm looking at, none of these people have a look or feel that gives them any sort of iconic look the way the Guitar Hero characters did.

Possible they'll use the cameras on each system then put up an animated backgrounds? Uploading custom music videos to social media anyone?!

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I still haven´t bought any of the current gen console´s and with my graphic´s card frying i have a choice. I can use my old graphics card witch will not be able to play very graphical intense games but i can play games like smite on low witch is the game i keep playing between all my single player games and buy a ps4 for the big games like MKx with the added bonus on playing exlusive games like bloodborne and such.

Second option is to buy a new graphics card and keep playing the games on my gaming pc. Im having a very hard time to decide what to do just wanted to hear you´re guys opinion on it

I just caved in and bought a PS4 a few weeks ago for Bloodborne. It's honestly not worth it.

I like Bloodborne and I like things about the PS4, but there's nothing exclusive to the console that is making this $400 purchase worth it. I still find myself playing my PC 100x more.

Save your money.

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This is what GB is all about.

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I've never seen that first clip. That's good stuff.

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@akrid said:

Ryan was a fucking amazing person, but getting a tattoo for him would set a dangerously low precedent on what you'll do to your own body for people you've never met.

Internet is hard; it's easy to get sucked into the cult of personalities (I guess that's a phrase people use?), and identify people as your friends, but at the end of the day, despite what you may think, it's probably not healthy to associate so closely. Buying a T-shirt of a favorite website is weird enough for me as it is; scarring my body (albeit in response to a death of a great man) is another thing entirely.

Maybe in the future, when video game journalists have become the new sports athletes in terms of identifiability, maybe then it won't be weird. Right now, though, it totally is.

Buying a T-shirt for something you like is weird?..... what the hell world do you live in?

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i7 is def worth it

is a 450 watt PSU really enough these days? I haven't built one in a while.

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@xpgamer7 said:

Tyler Perry's House of Pain: A Telltale Games styled FMV adventure

Fuck. That.

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@xeirus: I would have to assume so. Why would any company buy SOE but not the rights to their most successful IP? And since the head of the studio has said they are going to bring their games to Xbox going forward I can't imagine Sony remains involved in any way.

This is nuts to me!

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@xeirus: If this worked like a normal studio acquisition then Sony likely sold some or all of SOE's IP along with the company, at the very least including all the games they are currently working on. And I would imagine that Sony is no longer involved in publishing the games meaning they won't be paying the developer. Being an MMO maker Daybreak doesn't need a publisher. They just put the games onto their online platform which they have already developed or on PSN/XBL, neither of which require developers to have an official publisher anymore. So I would assume this is a complete break. Retaining publishing rights to the games they are working on would be really crazy. Then they'll be funding the game but not reaping all of the profits.

So, like, is Everquest Next completely detached from Sony now?? They were pushing that thing so hard.