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I have an unopened PS4 anniversary edition, I am now seriously considering selling it for the ridiculous prices they are demanding and buying a standard PS4 and XBox One, and then going out drinking with the change

The fact you aren't doing that right now makes you insane. That PS4 is not nice enough to justify the prices people are paying. Take advantage.

I still can't believe that the first console I bought of this(?) generation was a damned Wii U! There just aren't enough exclusive games to justify either of these consoles right now.

WiiU is legit man, I'm shocked to be in the same boat, but I can't complain.

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@kerafyrm said:

It is the better console right now and frigging Rocksmith 2014 has all the DLC which for some reason Sony will not allow for the PS4. I hate my PS4 though, Sony's software sucks, they are so slow and bringing things to the table and they have no first party worth a damn right now, I played my Vita more than my PS4 :\ GTA V runs better on the Xbox One, Ass Creed Unity runs better on the Xbox One, the online is way better on the Xbox One, frigging PSN is always down every other day and the store is slow as fook. On my Vita it often takes several tries to get it to load up the store properly.

I can safely say my PS4 is as useless as the PS3 was in it's early life.

Sony hasn't actually done anything of any worth though, they've just ridden the back of Microsoft's poor 2013 marketing. Microsoft have done so much more in turning it around and they have the better first party right now too. People were worried about the TV stuff and Kinect, well it turns out Microsoft had games too!

I personally wish the console stuck to the original plan, at least then it would have been very different, now we just have two very samey consoles. The whole being able to play without the disc thing would have been amazing as I love buying retail, but I don't want to have to use the disc.

I can't believe I'm saying this... but the WiiU is by far and away the better console right now.

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@futurstock said:

more like Alex Newsvarro

That's a fuckin fantasic nick for Alex, Newsvarro.

I like it.

Scooooo......... I mean neeeeeeeeeewssss

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Sebastian Rhys, you son of a bitch!

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@privodotmenit said:

Ah...there's that reminder that GiantBomb is filled with Facebook hating babies. Reminds me of the Internet going crazy over Oculus.

I don't understand why people get on a high horse regarding Facebook, it saves me having to use a combination of 4+ messaging apps to keep in touch with everyone.

Did Mark slap your puppies?

For me at least, it's more that you never know what an app is going to post on your wall or do publicly on your behalf. Sure, you can go in and futz with the privacy settings (per app if you want), but Facebook also likes to change those settings from time to time. Once you decide that Facebook logins are OK, you put yourself in a situation where (again, if you are concerned about what gets posted on your behalf) you must monitor the changes and spend time making sure all the preferences are how you want them. It's not that I *can't* do that - I just don't want to spend my time or energy doing it. I'll even concede that it doesn't take any significant amount of time to check in on the settings and fix them. At the end of the day though, I'd rather look at 3 more funny cat pictures than put any amount of thought into Facebook. I use it only because of the handful of friends and/or relatives that communicate only through Facebook. If it weren't for that I'd never log in again.

Except you do... apps prompt when you activate them and they tell you what they're accessing and what they can/can't post. Did you even open the link he posted?

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Ah...there's that reminder that GiantBomb is filled with Facebook hating babies. Reminds me of the Internet going crazy over Oculus.

I don't understand why people get on a high horse regarding Facebook, it saves me having to use a combination of 4+ messaging apps to keep in touch with everyone.

Did Mark slap your puppies?

@spraynardtatum said:

Fuck Facebook and everything it stands for. No way in hell!


lmao, I love it.

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Get dat hot SSB action, it's pretty damn fun. The online is laggy as hell though.

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I stopped with Kotaku when Patricia Hernandez did her piece on Max Temkin's false rape accusation. Took it down and replaced it with a version that didn't damn him as a rapist. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of that website, I do wish all the best for Patrick.

It's amazing and alarming when you realize just how fundamentally awful Kotaku is. In my case, I actually agreed with Hernandez - Temkin is probably a rapist, and if not then a rape apologist. But the fact that Kotaku felt the need to cover the story at all is indicative of how gross and tabloidish they are. It's just another example in a long list of examples of Kotaku doing something terrible for hits, which is a complaint lodged against them no matter the individual's personal beliefs. It's like the world can be united in calling that site out on their bullshit. If Jeff or somebody really liked The Cosby Show as a kid, he's not going to publish a ~breaking news~ story about how we're to damn Bill Cosby for his allegations. That's not to say we shouldn't, it just isn't appropriate for the site's character. The three or four good articles a year don't overweigh the trash, and even if they did it wouldn't give the trash a valid excuse for existing.

I have full confidence in Patrick's ability to produce good content for any site, but the good content will never be as good as the bad content is bad.

What the fuck? What proof do you have of anything alleged against Max?

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Appreciate the kind comments, and I'll definitely keep the skepticism in mind! Maybe I can help change your mind, maybe not. I'll be doing some streaming and other video and podcast-related stuff on the site, so if reading Kotaku isn't your bag, there'll be other options.

And to try and put this rumor mongering to rest, I left on my own. I'm on terrific terms with everyone at Giant Bomb, and we're all still close friends.

My hope is you don't get pulled down into the slop. Good luck man, don't lose yourself.

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@xeirus: It was less depressing than a few of the other things gawker has cranked out over the years. Also possibly the most visually arresting though it lacks proper thighlights.

I was tempted to link the infamous "Someone on the internet said Max Temkin raped them so he obviously did and is terrible for denying it" kotaku story but another gawker writer wrote a follow up story. If you haven't seen the original unrevised kotaku article...it's a fun exercise.

Another gawker site, "valleywag" also apparently wrote something about it too. Apparently Gawker couldn't get enough Max.

I somehow managed to avoid that whole thing, though I did hear about it in passing.

I just despise them in every way possible. No consistent trust can be established because they just constantly shotgun blast bullshit. Grr.