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Lady? LADY!?

Holy shit, consider me hyped. I wonder how the Kalina Ann handles.

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Blazblue itself is more beginner friendly than you would expect. When Calamity Trigger released, they gave a bonus disc with information regarding combos and strategies. Since you're playing as Jin, this video is the one you want. Experiment generally and see how you feel with the character.

If you want to get more advanced information, I would recommend checking out the dustloop forums.

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I don't know why but I figured Persona 5 would be out this year. Am I wrong?

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I like the game, I just wish it didn't have such an inane rng element to the drops. I spent hours replaying the same 30 second mission trying to get one particular item of clothing.

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@skyfire543: Brad losing at the end due to the bonus stars is a great running gag and I hope it continues.

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Absolutely not.

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The only thing I want to know is if there is an option to increase the speed of the tetris blocks in the menus somewhere.

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As a huge fan of Valkyria Chronicles, I'm glad to see the game get some much needed love after all this time. Now if only Sega would see fit to make a new game in the series.

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Here's an essential one: L1 will lock on to an enemy in first person view. In third person view, it will lock on and allow Snake to run and shoot.

I don't know if this was explained, or if Dan even knows about it.