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Great news!

I'm still gonna get it on PS4 and then snag it in a Steam sale though. It just feels right to play it on a console first, and I'll have a crowd with me watching too.

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This is really sad news, I loved the guy's work. I rewatched Jumanji a few weeks ago after Drew brought it up in a Quick Look too.

Feels bad man.

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I want to see this more than any other video feature I can think of.

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I got into the whole vocaloid thing from the first Project Diva F game, so I'm looking forward to this.

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Either Nocturne or Digital Devil Saga. I love the dark atmosphere of those games.

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I'm in the middle of a career change right now, from engineering to law. Best move of my life, from a position I tolerated into a profession I actually find really interesting and enjoyable. I'd strongly advise you to make a move if you're having issues with your current career.

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How hard is it?

Harder than your typical JRPG but it's hardly insurmountable. There are a few bosses that may give you grief.

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I have not played Peace Walker yet, and seeing how this is a direct continuation of that game, I'll pass until I've fully caught up.

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I got past the second day and I'm loving this game. Early contender for GOTY imo.

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I was one of those guys who got the japanese version of this. Sometimes I still load the opening and the ost because that, at least, was pretty good. As for playing as Baby Vegeta, it would have been cool if you could here, but you can in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 so I'll go and play that instead.

Also, Tenkaichi 3 is the best DBZ game, not Budokai 3