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@skyfire543: Brad losing at the end due to the bonus stars is a great running gag and I hope it continues.

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Absolutely not.

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The only thing I want to know is if there is an option to increase the speed of the tetris blocks in the menus somewhere.

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As a huge fan of Valkyria Chronicles, I'm glad to see the game get some much needed love after all this time. Now if only Sega would see fit to make a new game in the series.

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Here's an essential one: L1 will lock on to an enemy in first person view. In third person view, it will lock on and allow Snake to run and shoot.

I don't know if this was explained, or if Dan even knows about it.

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Not at all. There are plenty of places to find enough video footage to form your own opinion on the matter.

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Graphics are irrelevant; games running at 60fps are more responsive and generally feel better to play.

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Most likely Vamp and Solidus. The other bosses are pretty straightforward, even Fatman isn't too difficult since Drew will have already had practice in disarming the bombs.

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You've just sold me on the game.

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@mikkaq said:

Vita? How are you supposed to dance along on a portable? This should have been a Kinect game.

It plays like the Miku games because it basically is one just with Persona music and characters.

Sounds good to me, I just wish there was a PS3 version. I'm not buying a Vita for this.