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Will the PC version have 360 Controller support?  Anyone know yet?  I prefer my 3rd person games with controller.

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Avatar for sure, Transformers 1 and 2  is no where near as good.

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@jmrwacko said:

" Hmm, the case you listed, or this? I dig the look of the Antec case more, it's shorter (will fit under my desk) and it's on sale for $50 off. Do you think it will keep my components cool and be large enough? "

Should be good, someone commented on the reviews that they had to take out the middle fan holder to fit their GTX260 in it, but was enough room for everything. 
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Build your own.  Keep your specs, Yeah like you were saying you keep inching up in price you have to stop somewhere.  I only wanted to make sure you weren't going to put dual in a tri mobo, but you will be fine with dual channel DDR3.  The most performance boost you will get will always be from the Graphics card then the CPU.  High clocked rams and tri ram really are for people that want to overclock and keep there CPU fsb synced with their ram.
Just find the right case,  I can tell you that this case will fit your cards just fine, just keep looking around. That Antec looks tight, my GTX 280s hang about an inch/half inch off the Mobo you can see that that case the screws where you mount the Mobo are pretty much right on where the HDDs will go, so its probably safe to say that your GTX 275 will not fit in that Antec case.
This is going to be a great system.

Intel Core i7-920 2.66 ghz Quad Core (upgraded from the i7-860)
GIGABYTE Intel ATX Motherboard 
Western Digital Caviar Black 640 GB 7200 RPM SATA
CORSAIR 750 W power supply (moar powers)
Sony Optiarc 24X DVD Drive
GeForce GTX 275 896 MB
Antec Black Aluminum Mid Tower Case   

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@jmrwacko said:

" Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I don't know about waiting for the GTX 380. The day it comes out it will be prohibitively expensive, so I might as well get the GTX 275 and upgrade to the 380 when I start taking performance hits in a couple of years, no?  Also, according to that website mrhanky listed, 650W should be a sufficient power supply. They recommended 650W because of power efficiency and because it's quieter, apparently. And I'm not even using a sound card, so it should work, right?  Umm, I think it does have tri DDR3 slots, but I'm going to stick with 4 gb because I heard games don't support > 4 gigs yet. "

Yeah they will be balls expensive 600 for 380.  Don't worry about the noise on powersupply, you don't hear them, even on a graphics load you will hear your graphics card fan over everything else.  With 750 watt you get more lee way when adding in more harddrives, and maybe a fatty graphics card in the next year or 2.  The 750 has the same efficiency rating as the 750 watt, you don't use 750 watt unless your using 750 watts of power underload.  With your system should come in at about 400-600 with your system under load.
You should be using what your motherboard recommends, while 4 GB is plenty, 6 won't hurt you at all, and you will be running at the faster Tri Channel-DDR3 which is better then Dual Channel-DDR3.
 Heres some graphs that show the difference, however do a little more research to understand the difference for yourself.
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@sodiumCyclops said:

" Wait and get the GTX 380, the benchmarking is awesome for it.   http://www.giantbomb.com/pc/60-94/first-nvidia-fermi-benchmark-results-leaked/35-378078/#42 "

I wouldn't wait, those cards will cost $600 for 380 and $400-500 for 360 when they come out. 
If you get a aftermarket cooler for your processor (which is recommend though I don't know the best one for the i7 Cores, also becareful and make sure they will fit with your motherboard, look for complaint, sometimes a fan on the mobo or something can be in the way.) grab some Arctic Silver thermal paste and remover. Your CPU does come with fan and cooler, so you can live with that for awhile till you can buy another.
Also I would say go with the corsair 750 or 850. The Corsairs are great.  
Your looking at a 1 more after rebate on Newegg for Corsair 750 vs 650, and 850 after rebate is 40.

The other question since you didn't give us the exact motherboard, is if you have Dual DDR3 ram slots or Tri DDR3 ram slots, cause if you have say 6 ram slots then you should get a 3 ram pack bringing you to 6 GB.
Other then that you are fine good luck on build.
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"One PCI Express* 2.0 x 16 bus add-in card connector" Off Intels website.
No don't get a SSD drive they are not worth it.  For the Windows 64 bit you just run the disc/flashdrive and install it through the prompts that i gives you.  Your Bios is the software that's on your motherboard.  

Look into getting a GTX275-GTX285, the new GTX300 series is coming out next year, like 2 or 3 months, you could go with a cheaper graphics card now like GTX250 or GTX260 and upgrade then.  
I would save the money and just use the onboard sound, unless you don't like it then just get a X-FI titanium or something.

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Ugh, but hey hes right I was about to stab this kid that stole my Venusaur card.

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Awesome glad someones doing it, was wondering if the Giantbomb dudes would be doing it, but this should be great will check it out in the morning on my Moto Droid.