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Never saw the appeal, never tried it. I personally think it's for the best. Sometimes innovation just can't replace classic technology that works really well. I don't see a time where we'll be playing games without traditional input methods.

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Joseph Sta... oh wait.

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I feel like PS3 owners will never see the light of The Last Guardian. I hate being lied to.

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Pisses me off that developers feel the need to enlarge female character's breasts.

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A manual gearbox actually makes driving fun. I personally like to drive, I never see it as a chore, even when people tell me to go pick up stuff - I enjoy it, maybe I should thank my gearbox? I have a feeling an automatic would take a lot of fun out of that.

Also: driving in a blizzard, I'd never turn that down :D

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I love mass effect and all but I really wouldn't mind if they just stopped making them. The trilogy is over, story done, let it rest in peace and not milk it till no one looks at it ever again.

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I miss fallout 3 and nothing else. I can go back to old games any time I want. My Wii is ready to emulate everything Nintendo, my GOG and Steam accounts are full of PC oldies.

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Have to get a nice and cheap N64 somewhere... someday when i'm rolling in dough.

Next gen will have to wait a year or two. I've never spent that much on a console and I'm not about to start now.