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I always play a game or two of Nation Red. Its like tradition to me. But mostly Killing Floor for the whole week, since it gets a nice Halloween content patch every year.

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Classic rock is not really a genre of music but more of a collection of bands from a certain period of time that dealt with rock music. That's my understanding at least. So I'm guessing I could say Pink Floyd or The Doors but I'd rather associate them with (awesome) progressive rock.

The words "classic rock" remind me of Queen and that's my answer.

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Just reconnect to the server if you have lag.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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Gamers love to hate I see.

I just beat it, yes I'm very late to the party - no shit, and I loved it.

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Should have made a gamespot webrip before they chaged the site. Now old links are dead.

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Made my own calculator a while ago, says 6.8k. Close enough :P

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I wish I had less and only the ones I like.

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Once they finally stop updating news/ads for 360, they really should do something like this but I doubt they will. Once xbone is out, 360 is going to slowly die.

I've actually set up my 360 to just launch the game thats in the tray directly. It takes more time booting up to the dashboard than it takes my 5 yo PC to boot windows. Its crazy.

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+1 :D

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Yeah the problem isnt when I add the apostrophe, its when I dont add it. I personally rarely use an apostrophe when searching for anything and I dont expect my users to use one either.

The search works fine with the apostrophe included but if I dont include it, it somehow doesnt find anything - although the website does! So thats what was bugging me.

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