My best of 2010

Created upon request, out of the ~13 games I own released in 2010, these are my favorite. 
But  its hard making lists like these. You always get people saying hey, wheres starcraft 2 of something similar. You have to remember its a list of the games I played and can offer a true opinion on, not a list of the 10 best games released out of ~600 games.

Games not featured:

COD: black ops as its campaign is truly a step backward even from MW2. Something similar to World at war and it would make the list. Though the multiplayer is fun, the campaign of it just makes me sad :(
Metroid: Other M - I did not complete it yet and sadly the series has never interested me that much.
Super meat boy - its good, I agree but it i think it doesn't beat any of the games bellow. I could maybe tie it with Ivy The Kiwi? But since meat boy seems to be everyones best new IP, Ill go with Ivy.

List items

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