RIP Ryan. You shall be forever missed

I didn't know it was possible to be so upset about someone passing that I never actually meet. Ryan was easily my favorite of the GB crew. The closest interaction I had with him was in Several TNT's, once he said my gamertag aloud and I squealed like a stupid girl. He was a great host of what became my favorite poscast and can listen to over and over and never get bored. One of the things I love about this place is how open the crew is with their viewers that it almost feels like you're real friends with them. From all the great videos to simply his awesome laugh. Rest In Peace Ryan Davis and thoughts go to your friends and family. Pour one out. A sad sad day for gaming =[. ( I know there are props enough threads but I had to write it down somewhere)

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Possibly a controversial look on the campaign.

Ok I will start of by saying this is only based on what I've heard from reviews and from watching the quick look.
The campaign seems to have almost the exact same set-up as this
It might just be me but that's all I'm seeing from all the footage from the campaign. Main character being interrogated and all the missions are essentially flashbacks. 
EDIT: Ok I realize a lot of games use this similar style. I dunno why Black stood out the most but it did. Had just woken up when I posted this and hadn't thought it entirely through.
The game still looks pretty good but I don't have a decent system to run on PC so 360 is gonna be my only option and on that front I'm still mainly playing Gears 3 multiplayer. I don't know if I will put enough time into it to enjoy the MP much. Since I get paid on Friday I might end up buying this but still kinda on the fence.


Is this worth playing???

I've always avoided star wars games *except for repuplic commando* and since there's a sequel on the way which looks kinda badass. I was wondering if it's worth picking this up. Its quite cheap in the gamestation next to where i work. Normally i wouldnt be hesitant about this sort of thing but my mate who bought the game on release didnt sound very pleased with it.
Edit: This was meant to be in the force unleashed section. sorry