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@thesilenttruth: You're not alone. I bought a JP version of Shinovi Versus at the end of 2013 on a whim and played through the Hanzo missions with a script translation (Then I heard about a localisation and just skipped most story stuff) and was suprised at how much fun I had playing it. The characters are awesome and insane in different ways that I couldn't stop playing (Homura my fav). Now I'm playing through again to get the story and have become a pretty big SK fan. Even have a section of one my shelves dedicated to Senran Kagura stuff. (Including some figures I won from Marvelous UK)

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Some more Random PC games would be awesome. Would like to see them go through Phantasmagoria 2.

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I thought the show was pretty good. Really don't like how Paige and Aj are getting treated though. I was hoping for Paige to just wreck shit when she was the last one. The Divas title match got a laugh out of me first and then upon reflecting on it it was really bad.

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Just a heads up if anyone is intrested BBC red button is doing a special on F1's greatest title deciders.

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I also wanna throw a vote in for Ricciardo for being driver of the year.

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@berserker976: I dunno I think last year was worse. At least this went to the last race.

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So the last bit of F1 news I need now is to hear Jenson will be at Mclaren in 2015.

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@burgavo: I don't mind DC and thinks he does a good enough job delivering the drivers perspective. EJ can be a drain but he does have some great insight. I should state that I don't have Sky and haven't seen their coverage. Damon Hill is involved if I recall correctly?

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@chuck_: Since he left BBC to Sky I've been quite glad I haven't had to hear him.

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@burgavo: I think it's rose water. I'm sure at one race that's what they use.