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Only three people on during the am hours of tuesday, stuck in a bio plant meat grinder for 2 straight hours at least.

Looking forward to when more people will be online so we can do some large scale co-ordinates assaults , instead of just random zergfests with PuGs :P

On a side note, still trying to get the hang of aircrafts ....

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Soldier name is Buffalow , I play when ever , so all throughout the day - but probably more around the afternoon hours, and maybe evening. (That's PST hours)

Looking forward to playing with you all

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Lol ... the first thing I did when I got the templar was give him a new shield, nothing out of the ordinary happened, the only weird I noticed is I was not getting any achievement notifications (despite me earning them).

So I ventured forth and made quite a bit of progress.

I have taken a break and exited out of the game, now I can no longer log back in and I fear that my character may no longer exist =S

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@Deathpooky: You're absolutely right how it's all about memorization - I also have to do 20 runs just to get through the course.

I've still not beaten the final Griff race / deadly decent - I'm doing everything pretty much perfectly, but he seems to be going very fast, and when I'm in the lead coming out of freaking nowhere.

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Some of the final deadly decents are a pain, especially the last two - are just stupid, I've had to do them over 20 times just to complete a full run without completely getting facerolled.

Some of the pulse goggle stuff can be tricky , lots of drops, gotta time a lot of your jumps correctly.

Everything would be much easier if the rewind function worked like in many single player racing games, where all the opponents get rewinded as well, but I believe it is designed the way it is to work in global events, where anyone can rewind at any time (given it is allowed), and not rewind everyone in the match.

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This is great :D

Xenos 19 is my gamertag - see you on the slopes ! :D

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Here's how I think of it , and how it can be done intelligently and somewhat smartly.

Futuristic setting, much like Bladerunner , and Saints Row the Third - stick those ads on the side of giant buildings

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@alternate said:
Anyone have a good idea were the streams will be archived in full at all?  Not going to make any of those times I don't think.
If I remember correctly Gamespot archived all the press conferences after streaming them, but I could be wrong, always good to look around. 
Until then we can only wish Gianbomb can bring us live coverage of the press conferences in the future.
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Charlie Blackmore visit GB

 (This might crop the image, if you want to see the original it is in my image gallery). 
Either Xbox 360 or PS3 is fine for me (I'll take what ever is left =P). - But if I really really have to choose then I'd go with Xbox 360, but as I said no big deal if I receive a PS3 Code =D
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Awesome a new NFS hot pursuit - those where my favorite NFS games!