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I like it because it has its own unique artstyle that resembles the style of GiantBomb's artwork for the review Mugs, and I think its a nice and neat way of Giantbomb racking in a little bit more cash every once in a while to advance and grow, as it is a fantastic site, and I think that more people should know about it, as it is a very great and vital addition to any gamers life, and brings a lot of information, from gamers to gamers, and I love how all the knowledge of people are put tougether into a "Giant Database powered by Booze, Pancakes, and You!"

Well Played

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EDIT: I made a spelling error in the title its supposed to be Custom, I apologize I'm quite tired at the moment
For those who have moded a Playstation 3 or have knowledge on that subject I have a few questions for thee

I was wondering if it was possible to install a Playstation 2 OS, onto the Playstation 3, to enable backwards compatibility (I unfortunately have a later model with thus function removed) as I would really like to play Persona 4 , and perhaps great Playstation 2 titles that I may have missed

and my second question involving install exta OS's, is if it is possible to Install a Playstation 2 OS and acheive backwards compatibilty, is it able to switch back and forth between the OS's so that it may not comprimise all of the features availabe to the Playstation 3 such as the Download store, and online functions

Thanks for the help, and have a fantastic day
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Hello Giant Bombers
(first of if this is the wrong forum would you kindly move it to the correct one thank you very much)

I recently moved the location of my Playstaion 3 upstairs, and set it up to a 22" monitor (which I'm liking a lot better then my 42" 720p tv)
but unfortunately I've encountered a bit of a drawback, as I'm now using an HDMI to VGA cable, and it does not convey sound.
so I was wondering what would I require to be able to plug headphones into some sort of device to receive the sound from the Playstation 3

Here is what I was thinking of
Digital Audio Out Cable --> Receiver of some sort <--- Headphones (if the receiver has a headphone jack)

if anyone has any suggestions as to which products to use, that would be gratefully appreciated, as I just played through the entire Ghostbusters game without sound....

Thanks all, and have a great Day ^w^

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I've had my skull smashed against a concrete wall... lots and lots of blood - twas not fun

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Two Cent You Say? Why not 20 Yen?

O Btw Its tottaly my birthday on the 19th! ... so many things are happening on the 19th, I get my paycheck, an inspector is coming to my house to inspect it.... I'm going to see star Trek, Its My Birthday, Its my best friends father's Birthday, Every 4 years its fathers day, I'm getting a Wacom Intuos 4 Graphic Tablet... why?! Because its my birthday! ^w^

oh and Good Luck to everyone

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I found it really weird too, as I could not find out how to compare games anymore, I was looking for a while but I could not find the function anymore

It sure looks nice, but it has lost a lot of its functionality

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I punch my couch sometimes throw my controller, but I'm afraid to break it, but luckly 360 controllers are bricks, and yea - pretty much just wail on stuff, and cry inside

That's why I hate difficult games, everything takes a beating - including my ego

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My brain got used to Inverted Y for some reason and now I can never go back to normal it just feels weird

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I'm a Righty for pretty much everything but I use my Left hand for offhand tasks when my left hand is busy doing something

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For Technical prowess and aspects I'm going to have to go with Ball on a Stick =P

for Appeal I will have to go with Natal

and for attempting to redeliver on their original promise, I'm still a bit iffy when it comes to wii motion plus