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Wow I'm super impressed on this years Sony's Press conference, my favorite one by a landslide, my jaw dropped on multiple ocations , well done Sony, and well done Microsoft for a funny conference, it was nice to see the Beatles up on stage, and well Done Nintendo for not Sucking this year and being half decent

Have a great rest of E3 2009!

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Two Snakes, One Cardboard Box , Coming 2010 xD

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Loving MAG looking awesome

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@Plasma: I would say its quite possible as they "guaranteed" to announce big games, but so does everyone...
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hmm Immature fanboys, they need to grow up and realize that game are games, and we play them for fun not to take sides

It makes me sick how they call themselves "gamers"

I really don't understand the whole fanboyism, I guess its just to attract attention to their person because they don't have enough and all they know how to do is bitch and whine

and I'm going to sound like a broken record but there is a reason why we play games - and that's to have fun not to gloat and be all bitchy about it =P

I hope everyone enjoy's this year's E3 even though it kind of sucks, but at least its a bit better then last years

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morning Dave , and GB community, do you think Nintendo will do something crazy again that will put "Bam there it is" avatar shoe to shame?

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That was quite hilarious indeed, and everyone was thinking , what the hell was that guy wearing , come on! - Sunglasses, and some weird Orange Shirt onstage?!

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This R.U.S.E trailer has already been showned before =P, and does anyone notice that the guy who loses, is the same guy in the red steel 2 trailer?

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Its just a tech demo but I'm very exited to see this technology in games for the future, we are getting one step closer to the holodeck! ^w^

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1st Xbox - I have had it since ... September of 2007 , it has gotten:
3 Red Rings (all I do is unplug wait for a few seconds then replug the xbox)
5 or so Unreadable Disk Errors occasionally leading to a red ring
2 "Please insert this disk into an Xbox 360 Device" Message while the game is in a Xbox 360..
2 Korean Messages
1 Japanese Message

and this still running along just fine