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They should just call it something like Xbox Chrome, or something along those lines, not some stupid number, it just sounds silly

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Normal - Normal Saber
Compressed - Short Energy bursts in the blade that pulse outwards
Malcfunctioning/ Weak - Sprites in the blade (Looks like the upgraded sabers from Soul Calibur 4)

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It was offered to me for free, and it was the special edition with all the extra crap in it :P

sooo ya, pretty fancy game so far :D

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To Stay on topic of Burgers - Here is a mighty fine one                              And Too Stay on topic of Pulp Fiction:
The Big Kahuna                                                                                                  "Giant Bomb Fiction"
                                                                                                                               Left - Vinny, Right - Ryan

Big Kahuna Burger
" Does He Look Like a Bitch?"
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Giant Bomb Ghostbustin Team (sorry Brad)

So there we have it, sorry its not as good as I hoped but it will do :D

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Working on Teh Ghostbusters one trying to make it good, but having trouble finding good mugshots :P

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The one that came with it (MUA and Forza 2) but the first game I bought for my 360 was Halo 3

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(more mature mind then you think, and I'm not an arogant prick :P)