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Thanks Patrick, you will be missed!

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See ya down the road.

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@thornie: word. I'm personally having a great time with Unity

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@humanity: i agree with you. My Aiden rarely took a life, drove sanely and even parked in the lines. After hearing ALL of maurice's backstory, i felt justified with letting him live. Thus breaking the cycle of revenge and developing my character further. But of course given the medium, there is no "right" way to play the game, i can't fault people for their personal experience with it.

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Got three good cries in today, didn't know my body could produce so much snot. Damn, I'm Gonna miss that man

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don't take jobs away from people. those women arn't being forced their doing their job. Stop trying to take money out of thier pockets

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Been following these yokels since 2001, every bump, hurdle, triumph, and drink. Can't belIeve I've been listenIng to these these dudes since I was 16, can't imagine a gaming world without em

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i bought a year subscription on Oct 29th. whihc i will NOT get jurassic park for free. that makes me sad. if only i knew

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THIS happened to me! My game data was corrupted. I had to call SONY SUPPORT. They restored my system. I redownloaded everything, even the catwoman bundle, and since then its worked fine. Glad to know I'm in the .05 percentage i feel horribly special

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I recommend playing it to experience Desmonds arc as a character more fully

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