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I agree it's Steam all the way (and Direct 2 Drive)...

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Next Endurance Run, done...

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Oh No, Games for Windows Live, just shoot me now...
What's wrong with steam, oh I know, it's 10 times better and Microsoft can't stand to be behind someone else... (cough...Apple...cough). :)))

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Awesome, steam is set to rule the world one day, in Steamworks Brown, OOOHHH YEEEAAAHH!!

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It's listed on YESASIA for around £60, I still would buy it.
Last year I bought a PS2 just for Persona 4, thanks to Giant Bomb, that cost me £90.

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Hi all,
I'm loving the endurance run of Deadly Premonitions, but is it coming to the UK.
Also I know the PS3 is Region Free so I have been looking at getting Red Seeds Profile from Japan, but does anyone know if the voices can be changed to English or are they just in Japanese, it's really expensive but I would buy it if it doesn't get released in UK on 360.

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Awesome, I really can't wait for this.

It would be really funny if the bad guy had been Dio.  I wonder if The Metal will be in the game.

Tenacious D... Ohhhhh Yeeeaaaahhhh.