Bleh, no posts D:

So I haven't posted in forever. Decided it was worth another go.

Lately been simply busy as fuck so I haven't been playing EVE as much and was doing a bit of Minecraft with friends with what time I did have.

I did just finish some important skills so I'll gonna be looking into doing some wormholing. I already have a loki for this, I was just thinking of fitting it differently. I'll have to do a few trial runs in a C3 or similar. Would love to find a C1 with static high sec and C3 or something like that.

If this goes well and turns into a thing then I'll see about rebooting my old corp and letting some Giant Bomb guys in to have fun running in it :P I am apart of a start up corp IRL though so I'll probably be neck deep in getting this thing finally off the ground (we finally aired up the balloon so she's near take off right now so to speak). This being my first job it's both exciting and scary at the same time, even more so then normal jobs cause of the start up nature of it.

If you are interested in wormholes I'd suggest a battlecruiser minimum and to ALWAYS have a probe launcher.