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MW2 and Black Ops are the best CoD games.

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They push the 360 versions mainly because more people (in the USA at least) have a 360 than a PS3.

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it would be better if the game world was bigger, or more varied at least. i was kind of hoping that it would be like morrowind, where almost every town, cave, dungeon, shack, etc was related to some quest in some way.  still goty for me though since nothing else this year really impressed me. but thats probably my fault for limiting myself to fps/rpgs.

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dead space
fallout 3
fable 2

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its fun, but too much like cod 4 to warrant a purchase. as a ww2 fps it doesnt feel right. they had the perk and attachment system, but why couldnt they use some different perks and some era-appropriate attachements? imo the new RDS and silencer just look plain stupid, and only add to its derivativity. also i dont think the graphics engine models the setting well. imo the cod 4 engine only looks nice when its doing russian areas, like grassy fields (creek, pipeline, overgrown) or graying, dilapidated buildings (district). does anyone else not like the look of chinatown? i get that feeling when i play this. however i think i like the maps (makin grows on you, if you hate it now, i promise it grows on you) and roundhouse is a great map that fits varying play styles. i also think dogs > chopper since skilled players actually have chance to save themselves.

bottom line, its fun, but feels like a multiplayer mod or one of those crappy "free fps" like war rock or combat arms. not worth the money, but i guess if your new to call of duty or tired of cod 4, its worth a buy.

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their grammar is atrocious.  =\

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i play it on xbla... but i cant get past episode 3 >_>

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the engine can influence how the game looks because of colors and lighting and whatnot. it even affects how the game plays. imagine cod 4 and halo 3 if they swapped engines...

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o.O some of you have huge collections...

rainbow 6 vegas
halo 3
orange box
mass effect
cod 4

geometry wars
hexic hd
aegis wing

and a friend is currently borrowing gears of war. he wants to buy it, but im not sure if i really want to sell it.
i also used to have battlefield 2: modern combat, but i hated it and traded it in.
i havent preordered anything since none of the games this year look particularly exciting.

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there are like 4 or 5 people i know in rl that are in my friends list. i stopped giving out my gamertag (or even talking about xbox live to avoid the subject of gamertags) because i hate it when im turn on my xbox to play a game and get game invites.