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Just bought some XBL points to prepare myself for Tuesday...I know that the SSF4 AE costumes come out at 400 pts, WWE All Stars DLC comes out, and Kenshi comes out for MK...anything else? I want to make sure I have enough points

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@TheAddict said:

Wow! I really though I saw "shujinko" in there as a hidden character, then I realised it was shang tsung with blood over him. Thank God, I'm excited again for the mystery character.

Lol, for some reason, I thought Sonya was Li Mei at one point
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Looks kind of like a mixture of Noob and Ermac with his force and clone type moves. Kenshi was definitely the coolest new character introduced in the 3D era of MK games in my opinion. On another note, do you guys recommend I download Skarlet, is she worth 5 bucks?

I think Skarlet is a great addition to the roster, and is easily worth the 5$...if you have a 360, get the Season Pass
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@JJOR64 said:
If they do make a sequel, which the most likely will, I want them to take their sweet ass time with it.  If it comes out in two years, that's too soon.  Let the community play the game and grow before releasing a new game.
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@Hizang said:
I see no reason for a sequal yet.
Neither do I, I'm just saying that as much as the newer games sucked and pretty much all of the new characters were pretty lame....I wouldn't mind seeing them in a game that plays more like MK9
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Ummm...yeah, I have about 5 characters I cycle through...Noob Saibot, Stryker, Ermac, Shang Tsung, and Quan Chi

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But I was thinking about, and it would be pretty cool if they went and made a game that covered the stories of 4-Armageddon.....sure, a lot of the new characters sucked, but who knows, they could be a lot more fun to play using the MK9 engine...

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Mine actually just shut my PS3 off...and it won't turn back on

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Lol, I got invited, and was even at the top of my teams list....but unfortunately, someone else that had been invited was on the other team, and did WAY better than me. My game name was Le Chiffre

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Mine is 3117 7602 6751