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One of the BEST 0

I went in to Portal 2 with very high hopes, and walked out completely satisfied and never so excited to have played a game. Portal 2's single player is an amazing experience, forcing players to REALLY use their heads to figure out the brilliantly assembled "tests" while mixing in some humor (that's actually funny). In addition to that, we get an amazing co-op campaign (with the ability to end friendships) forcing players to think even more, with the addition of 2 more Portals. Easily the top can...

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Enjoyed every minute...amazing game 0

I've heard many different opinions on LA Noire...even the oh so creative use of LA BORE-OIRE. Personally, though, I'd have to say its my favorite of the current generation Rockstar Games. Sure, I liked GTA4 and RDR, but LA Noire brought me something I wasn't used to. While it doesn't allow me to roam the streets and shoot people for absolutely no apparent reason, I do get to actually get to really think about what is being put in front of me, constantly keeping the clues and testimonies of past ...

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It's amazing what an extra save slot can do.... 0

I remember picking up the original Dead Rising, starting it up, and feeling the sense of urgency that I believe Capcom wanted us to feel. Unfortunately, the sense of urgency, the timed missions, and 3 jerks driving a mounted turret jeep eventually got me to the point of wanting to chuck my controller at the TV. Then came Dead Rising Case 0, which peaked my curiosity in the series again, and brought me to buy Dead Rising 2, and let me say that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that I hated in the...

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Enjoyable, though it does have its problems 0

Now, when this game was first shown to us at E3, I must say I really didn't care too much for it, but as more and more of it was shown to us, it began to pull me in. After being informed that the the Multiplayer  was being crafted by DICE, and already being a huge fan of BFBC2, I was sold. Now that I have the game in my hands, I must say....DICE let me down a bit, but not to the point that I hate it. I actually do enjoy MoH quite a bit, but there are some big problems that should have been taken...

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