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Fort Myers, FL, USA

#2 Posted by xfuturesx (31 posts) -

Sent out requests to the dudes that already posted names in here. My PSN ID is xfuturesx.

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Sent a request to the guys that have already posted in the thread.

I'm playing on PC and my name is xFUTURESx. Looking forward to shooting all of the Robits with you duders.

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Are they still linking purchases to hardware IDs or the account with that multiplatform implementation?

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@omegapirate: It seemed like they were just going by SKU. The rep specifically said "You order Playstation 4 Launch Day Edition. We don't currently have that in stock. You can signup to notified by e-mail when we have it avilable"

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@rhaknar: For me, it's because I don't have the option to have it replaced. Amazon told me that they were only able to issue me a refund. Then about two hours later they were listing $500 bundles as in-stock and selling them. I feel pretty screwed over because I pre-ordered one as soon as they let you on Amazon and now I have a dead piece of hardware and limited recourse if I want to actually end up with a working PS4.

#7 Posted by xfuturesx (31 posts) -

Sorry to hear that. I'm in the same boat as you.

Mine never worked. During the two hour hold for support I tried different TVs, cables, etc.

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PSN ID: Xfuturesx

Time Zone: Eastern

Games at launch:

Killzone, Battlefield, and probably Assassins creed and NFS Rivals

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This isn't something that gets made overnight. I think it's just more that Comcast is trying to offer something that has a feature set more similar to services like Hulu, Netflix, etc. that people are canceling their Comcast service and using.

#10 Posted by xfuturesx (31 posts) -

@monkeyman04: They'll give you a different settop box. Also I think there is an additional charge for the service.

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