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Here is mine 
FC: 1807 2143 0673
Version: Heart Gold

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@blalala:  My FC is 1633-4199-5432
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@Eelcire:  Thank you for understanding what I was trying to get at and you are right on the money Im checking out that face off at the moment but that is exactly what I was looking for nothing on consoles (again because i already own them not trying to decide between consoles but games)
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@EpicSteve: not thinking at all that your being a dick I admit i probably phrased this all wrong. I was just thinking with the community and game database website this is if there was a place for comparison of games
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I think guys are misunderstanding what I was trying to get at (probably due to bad lable on the thread). I dig the consoles all of them. Im talking about multi platform games such as a previous stated about Bayonetta how it runs better on 360 over ps3, or like Dragon age runs higher framrate on 360 but has screen tearing. I was looking for things like that not superiority on consoles

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I have all three consoles it has nothing to do with the consoles just more about where i should throw my money at on games

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I agree they are both awesome consoles (I love this current generation is one of the best with its games, graphics, and multiplayer). I was just asking like if there was a place on bullet points on the differences on like weaker frame rate or graphic tearing or such like that nothing on the consoles them selves

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Honestly I don't want a system war nor am I trolling. I just had gotten a ps3 and though getting both is what might happen (due to friends on both platforms) and I didn't want a thread about which console is better just if games were better on one over the other due to limited money and not wanting double collection. Thread for games not console superiority

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I've looked around and was curious if there is a thread (or website) comparing the differences between 360 and PS3 games with which one is better (with out ultra fanboyism raging) or is it different case scenario. I know  alot of lead platforms are on the 360 though developers are learning the ps3 alot better than what they did a year ago.

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Right on I really like the blog like format just going down the line and reading the headlines and opening another tab if something catches my eyes, like I enjoy 1up but dont like the format of the site as a news source (use it for podcasts and reviews)

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