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As long as the current GB staff are not bound to any non-complete clauses, I'm sure they can just bounce and start a new site with new name but same old fun.

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The xbox 360 Udraw is like around $40 on amazon. If THQ is smart, they should release a offical hack so the PS3/360 tablet can be used on the PC. The price is in line with the low end Wacom tablet.

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i guess this is good since all my UMD's plastic body that's holding the disk are broken.

Nevermind, DBZ was still in the PSP.

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Hope they'll keep the lvl progress from beta into live. Lvling each weapon for addon was a major pain in alpha.

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You can now make almost anything glasses free 3D with the Pic3d Film tech. I'm just looking for some new add-on from Nintendo for the Wii U. The 3D film tech should allow them to push the same type of 3D used in the 3DS without relying on users having a 3D ready display.
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So will the Wii U make your 3d TV glasses free like the 3ds?
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Is it me or does the Sony logo says SONY: Make.Believe.  who runs their PR company?