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Yeah I triple checked all my info, everything is right. PSN is just being a bitch.

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Giant Bomb.  I need help. 
For some reason PSN has decided to randomly reject my debit card, telling me it is invalid. Now, this is the same card I have had saved on the system since I bought the damn thing. I tried updating my Billing information, but I only get $1 dollar dummy charges to my account, and still an invalid message. This has me totally bummed, as I have been thinking of buying FFXiX for a while.   
I recently changed my address, and also added my wife's card to my account since I recently got married. This probably has something to do with it, but I don't see why a billing info update wouldn't solve the problem. All I want to do is give Sony my money but they won't let me. 

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Oh man, the shot of sub zero stabbing Johnny Cage with the Ice katana has got me pumped. THIS is MOOOORTAAALL KOMMMMBAAATT!!!

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@Marz said:
" @I_smell said:
" Does anyone ACTUALLY really give a shit about Killzone? "
yes "
Uh yeah...Where have you been?
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Oh man,  I've been searching for an apartment for a couple of weeks and the one thing that bothers me is the fact that I have to rely on people to be smart enough to not burn stuff. You're not giving me much confidence.

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Obviously Canada isn't that awesome or my country would have stole it from you.  :D

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Mario pays our bills, Mario is amazing.

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Very nice, I can't wait to see more.

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hmmm. Nirvana's version of Where Did You Sleep Last Night. That song is perfect.