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Fwiw, it just started working for me as soon as a 0kb patch downloaded around 6:30pm CST. All the packs had been downloaded previously, but same symptoms reported (no Scorpion/Subzero, no Story on Online). Everything appears to be up and running.

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Here's an uneducated guess: The release time didn't change from 12pm 4/14 to 12 hours earlier until around 8-9pm CST. The sudden 12hr jump may have left Steam's content servers unable to make the 3GB executable functional, let alone the rest of the game that was supposed to download as you play. I feel like this whole release worked aces in QA, but once someone realized they should release the game at midnight instead of noon 3 hrs before midnight and flipped the switch, shit broke hard.

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I feel like they maybe could've picked a better game to stress-test streaming downloads on Steam, but that's just because I'm sitting here dying to play and waiting for a fix instead. :(

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GB Name: XivSpew

SteamID: xivgnp

Region: NA (CDT)

Anyone else having srs issues with the streaming install not starting and the game crashing to desktop attempting to do anything else?

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@csl316: meeeeeow! without a /s, sounds catty.

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@danryckert timed that shit perfectly. Guaranteed to be a 1/4 second in sting comp DVD's for all eternity.

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Next to the "Ryan Davis Burger" in Cook, Serve, Delicious!, it's the best kind of pointless game reference he would've wanted. I'm glad his memory carries on with his friends via toss-off achievements.

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So far to me, the level design in Dark Souls stands out as some of the most unique and aesthetically awesome I've seen in ages. Thing is, I'm not sure it ended up that way on purpose; much of the layout seems as if From Software sketched and laid out everything spatially as much as their crazy brains would allow, but in a very modular fashion. Every room, platform, and hallway piece by piece seperately, then stitched them all together into one long insane universe, then designed the actual architecture and geography of the world to justify the pre-existing layout. The end result feels like something that's just shy of anything in reality, with barely any symmetry or focus, chaotic with just enough resemblance to the way people would actually design buildings. This adds immensely to the feel of the game, because not only am I always slightly uneasy, but I've never even thought of needing a map because everything's been burned into my subconscious as I see it.

It's very reminiscent of what I've always imagined the city of R'lyeh to look like: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R'lyeh

Non-Euclidean geometry in games. Whaddya guys think...great or super-great? Any other examples of stuff like this?

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@NekuSakuraba:  FWIW, I liked Mafia 2's single player a great deal, too.  The story moreso than the gameplay, as cliched as it was.  LA Noire, though, is like motherfucking Chinatown to Mafia 2's Godfather III.  Poor analogy, but the cases on their own are so satisfying, I'm way cool with not having extra shit like Saints Row 2 did. 
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@Brodehouse: She's kinda hard to read, anyway, don't feel too bad.  Also, probably the cutest out of all the interviewees.