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My channel, I had 1,000 subs and i upload every day

I am quarky and make smartass comments about video games while im talking to myself in hopes of a single souls bearing to watch my youtube channel

I also upload my Call Of duty montages cause im a total badass RIght? Right?

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I do not know why but this game has been on my "radar" for a while. I wanted to get it and now the time has come. I am genuilly curious about the "Skulls anywhere" feature where i could be on my Windows Phone(Unicorn OS) playing against some one on a PC against some one sitting their ass down on their xbox. The Windows Store version and the Windows phone version are both on "sale" so i'll probably snatch both version and maybe even the xbox 360 one. Are you guys or ladies intrested in this game, turn based strategy game with a arcady art style???????

Window Phone (Avaliable Now)

Windows 8 (Open in IE)

Edit: totally got it now to see what the hell i got myself into??

Edit Edit: Have about 15 games going on the phone and its very smooth and quick pace, ALSO THE MUSIC IS GOOD. Like sending your turn to the other player and waiting for them to send their turn back to you. So ASYNC (not NSYNC). Also XBL is down and out so the games have stopped.

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Windows 8 Pro Ready to go.

Who wants some Skulls Anywhere

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Playing the nostalgia money train is kind of shitty. I agree with the dude from Forbes.

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NO NO NO NO NO, you have to compare graphics with all PLATFORM.

Comparing 8 year old hardware to Current state of the art Personal Computers hardware only shows the PC is the master RACE

With your measlly 512mb of RAM games like Halo 4 are garbage BECAUSE PC IS THE MASTER RACE


all things aside i still think xbox 360 is the way to go when it comes to multiplatform games since even devs like bethesda cant get the PS3 right years into the PS3.

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