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Perfectly acceptable, but not necessarily enjoyable 0

GraphicsThe graphics for Far Cry 2 are very impressive. And I do mean that. They really are  very impressive. For a game made in 2008, you will be impressed. Actually, even by the standards of 2010, this game has superb graphics. Character models are detailed and feel more real than those of more recent games. Vehicles may not seem that textured, but you really shouldn't be concentrating on that. Weapons look standard fare. They might not be as detailed as those in other games, but when they bec...

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Better than ProStreet. Worse than most. 0

Alright, so this is the latest installment in the long running EA series, Need for Speed. Many of the previous games were not as good as they should have been, and Undercover makes no attempt to break this mould. The game itself is quite entertaining, but it's nowhere near the standard that it should be. Here's why :Storyline : 3/5Alright, so the storyline wasn't expected to be good. Racing games normally don't need much of a story, so it's quite acceptable there. What isn't really acceptable is...

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