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@rafaelfc: I'm pretty sure Jeff's hand and white iPad are on that video at around 1:48 from that ILM or something around when this thing came out.

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It's damn crazy how this came completely out of thin air. No blog posts on either EU or US PS blogs, no announcements from TK or anyone. I'm not expecting the mainstream press to care about it but it would've made sense to give out some announcement. It's like they wanna keep this thing hidden.

I've heard quite a lot about this franchise but have never actually seen anything of it. Might still just get it to see what it's about. This might be on the edge of my cutesy anime tolerance but I guess it could be interesting to brush against that limit.

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While driving a car yes, mostly in crowded places. If it's an empty road or like a straightforward piece of road then it's pretty enjoyable. I've had my license for little over a year now, probably driven around 10 000 km.

I have none of these problems with a motorcycle though. Driving one of those things is a blast. It's probably because I always have trouble guessing the dimensions of the car and I'm afraid I'll bumb into something. That has happened only once so far on a crowded parking lot and I got away from that by paying the guy 50€ so that was pretty minor.

Too bad I live in Finland and driving a motorcycle is a valid way of transportation only for about 4 to 6 months in a year at most.

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Hey guys hey hey hey you know what's a good idea?

Always online video games.


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I frequent a gaming site mostly visited by PC gamers and pretty much every time the PS4 is brought up, it's almost nothing except "lol, my PC can already do that. I don't give a shit." or "the technology in that system is so outdated. no one cares" and all the other usual immature, PC master-race bullshit.

Why is that " immature, PC master-race bullshit"? Isn't that completely true since the PS4 will be a high-end PC and maybe not even that high-end considering it's coming out in a year or so? I think saying "yeah my PC can do that already" seems like a pretty spot on thing to say now more than ever. Sure it does stuff on the system level that can't be done as easily on PC like the one button share stuff and having a unified platform for all users but if we're talking games here it's not doing anything from a graphical perspective that can't be done now and it doesn't look like gameplay mechanics are going to go through any big changes either.

I assume there's going to be a big advance in graphics after this thing's been out for a year so but since it's basically a PC, wouldn't that mean that PC ports will be better than ever? Surely most of the ports of multiplatform releases will be at least on the same level and above when it comes to performance.

I honestly can't understand what the fuss is all about. The GB staff said during the Crysis 3 QL that they can't wait for the next generation of consoles to be able to do what Crysis 3 is doing now. I think that's fucking nuts.

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They need to get used to the new office.

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I despise Let's plays.

I hate it that it's the norm to talk over gameplay videos on Youtube.

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How about you play the game and check for yourself? If you've been anything close to half-decent at LoL I bet you'll do way better than the majority of people playing when they start out.

You're clearly thinking about it too much.