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2 more slots it looks like at least. Hoping they go back to P1 and P2, Nanjo and Maya.

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Is there a full playlist for this posted anywhere?

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@GuncannonD said:

Nintendo is publishing (funding?) Bayonetta 2 with Platinum Games

Will never come out on 360/PS3/Next-Gen.

Jesus wept.

Wasn't Bayo2 cancelled? From what several others have said elsewhere, it's either Nintendo reviving it as an exclusive or nothing at all since Sega canned it.

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@Dany said:

@Lautaro said:

@Dany said:

God, so much dumb in the comments. Patrick is not saying fans want a happy ending or that fans should not be entitled. Read it.

GB :Not really. I was disappointed. They were going for something a little more audacious and bittersweet, and I do think a lot of the reaction has stemmed from that.

Sure he also does say that fans aren't entitled, he also kind of says that Bioware mishandled the ending by not having more choice.

He does heavily imply that the unhappy ending is a key factor though.

Most of Patricks complaint is the lack of choice, the lack agency the player has and how the closure provided was inadequate. I believe that specific comment is more related to the audaciousness of the ending.

So are we ignoring the "bittersweet" qualifier of the statement just because it better matches your interpretation of the article? It's not hard to see why people are coming to the conclusions they are.

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@PJ said:

If you could have just pushed a Reaper self-destruct button at the end and everyone comes out alive and well would belittle a lot of the games story.

This isn't the sort of ending a lot of people are clamoring for at all. Again, its not about people surviving or getting a happier ending. Most of the comments in the thread are aligned with that.

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@Dany said:

God, so much dumb in the comments. Patrick is not saying fans want a happy ending or that fans should not be entitled. Read it.

As mentioned a lot earier in the thread, the tone of the article still makes that "happy ending" point seem like the main reason for a lot of people. Simply mentioning some people want more closure isn't really enough to change that feeling given how the article presents its points.

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From what I understand, people are upset about the ending because:

- It gives no sense of closure to anything in the game

- It ignores all of your previous choices and essentially gives you one ending

- It forces characters to break from their personalities in a very contrived manner

- It raises numerous questions and creates serious plot holes

- It does not fit with the themes and ideas from the rest of the game and series

I don't think a lot of people would've minded a depressing ending or whatever, as long as it was presented well and provided closure. They just want a well produced ending, not necessarily a "happy" one.

So in a nutshell:

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@Bunny_Fire said:

yeah im still playing it i actually like it. and thats just a standard letter when you don't play heck i still get something similar from eve and i havnet played that in 2 years.

Yeah, I don't quite get why this is newsworthy, given how it looks like the standard MMO reminder mail, just a bit more creative. And didn't EA just have an investor call saying they still have a pretty good userbase of subscribers even after the free month expired for all the launch window players?

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You get this video.

"If it's delicate you want, it's delicate you'll get!"