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Isn't the entire idea of Silent Hill sorta about finding yourself and facing your inner demons?

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What an insightful title. I've walked away from this experience with valuable knowledge.

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I think there might already be a thread for this but I might just be super wrong.

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Play Dragon Age 2, Hawke talks in a British accent.

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Wasn't Sony talking about bringing backwards compatibility to the PS4 at some point?

Also, let me save you some time and tell you that Thief is not a great game.

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I'm just going to straight up say that if I have to look at a character's butt for hours upon hours, I'm going to want it to be a lady's butt.

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@xeiphyer said:

I'm pretty sure this is spam... its a little hard to tell though.

These things are getting real smart.

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Speculation is that this would be post launch DLC - if anything.

Does Nintendo even have a track record of DLC?

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FFFFUCK YEAH. Unlike most people, it seems, I really liked Fi. She was one of my favorite parts of Skyward Sword... which I really enjoyed as a whole. This is awesome.

I'm really curious to see how she fights, given her status as a sword spirit and lack of arms.

She straight up turns into a sword.