Dragon Age 2 Complaint

 I'm not one to complain about Bioware's efforts, but this recycled dungeon in Dragon Age II is complete bullshit. How many times do I have to see the same cave map? I like the story so far, but the recycled dungeon is really cutting into my enjoyment of the game and it's very distracting.
This game is a total rush job and it's starting to vex me.

...At least I know some of the profits from this game will go towards a better Mass Effect experience in some time.

F**k Sakes.


Lorne Lanning and the future of Oddworld

I just read on a cool article on G4 about Lorne Lanning and the future of the Oddworld series:

"There's a lot of things on the shelf right now," Lanning said when asked about the new game. "We had a few on the fire, and they're still on the shelf...there's a lot of shakeup going on [in the gaming industry] and in that turmoil, we didn't really want to put the Oddworld brand out there in the middle of it, so we're working on some other things that we'll be announcing shortly."

..."As for what Lanning plans to announce, he said, "What we're working on now is more of a platform issue, not an IP. I can't go into much more description than that.""

- It's great to see the Oddworld Inhabitants are back in business! I'm glad they have a strategy in place to futureproof their IP. As for the "platform issue", it almost sounds like all the other developers who has had a platform issue... Possibly mapping out how to utilize the PS3 hardware perhaps?

Regardless, it'll be cutting edge graphically like the other four installments and will probably have a gripping story with great characters. Nonetheless, I'll be looking forward to the Oddbox on Steam this year. Maybe with some cool graphical enhancements? Lets hope so!

Here's hoping for the next installment in the Oddworld series, and hopefully this Citizen Siege project that has been bouncing around  for some time.

Here's the whole article on G4: