Why I love Iron sights. (Video Included)

I am an FPS fanatic. From the early days of Delta Force, to the insane shit going on in MW2, I have played through many First Person Shooters. When the original Call of Duty was released, I fell in love with one gameplay mechanic, Iron Sights. I don't know if I'm just weird, but something about the way the shooting felt in Call of Duty made it soo satisfying to pull off a headshot with a rifle from across the map. As more and more games started adding Iron sights, I found myself comparing Iron Sights in a couple of recently released games. Here are my thoughts: 
Bad Company 2: 
Unlike the CoD games, the Iron Sight does not follow you around or try to catch up with your momentum as you look around. But firing the gun through the Iron Sight still feels very sharp. The design and look of the weapons and the animation of going from hip to iron sight is very solid. Top that with superb sound when firing a gun, and you have yourself a pretty solid Iron Sight. 
Modern Warfare 2: 
While I do have some problems with MW2, one thing I LOVE about the CoD series is the Iron Sights. Depth of Field, Momentum, and a bit of distortion as you fire really makes you believe as if you're truly aiming for the kill shot. The Iron Sight is what IMO makes the gunplay so smooth and satisfying. The best Iron Sight game in the Market... hands down. 
Rainbow Six Vegas 2: 
This one is pretty weird, with the Red Dot attached to the weapons you'll notice it center itself as you move from left to right. But if you have no attachment and just looking through the plain old iron sight, it is completely still as you move around. Motion Blur is the only thing I like about this one, no Depth of Field. The pistol is affected by your momentum, but not your heavy rifle or sub machine gun...weird! 
Day Of Defeat Source: 
Stays completely centered as you look around, cannot see the muzzle flash as you fire, your weapon just kicks up as you fire... Which is okay. Very weak overall 
Far Cry 2: 
Your weapons are affected by your momentum as you look around, but I think that it feels a bit odd when you're actually firing from the Iron Sight... It just doesn't feel as smooth as MW2 or BC2. 
Here is a video showing off the Iron Sights from these games! What is your opinion on Iron Sights in FPS's? 

My Girlfriend hates Video Games and its because of Me!

Hahaha, noo I'm just kidding. So last month I was playing Call of Duty: World at War when my gf decided to stop by. She watched me play a little bit of multiplayer and then I asked her if she would like to play (not thinking of the possible consequences). She was a bit hestitant at first but eventually gave in to just playing for 5 minutes. So I loaded up the first singleplayer mission and watched her play. For those who don't know what happens at the very beginning of CoD:WaW... it's a pretty gruesome scene. Her reaction to what had happened was some what comical I have to admit; and I still remember verbatum what she said while the scene was playing. 
"Where am I? Is that my character on the left? Wait, no! Why are you making play this part! Oh great, I love the blood splatter on the wall after he slit his throat. I'm not playing this game" A little bit dramatic? Yeah, but you have to understand that my gf is like that when it comes to violence. So  don't be like "ohhh my gf loves violence" because not everyone is the same. The next day I explained to her that not all video games are violent and even the violent games don't really affect people. Right after I told her this, we walked into her living room where her little brother was shoutiing "DIE DIE DIE!" while playing Lego Batman. Irony at its finest.  
So after a couple weeks of no encounter with violent video games, yesterday happened. Yesterday was supposed to be a good day... get off work early, have a nice lunch, my gf planned to come over with her brother to get both their hair cut by my sister, and then a movie. Well, I got off work late, ate taco bell for lunch, and my gf did come over as planned... While my gf was getting her hair cut by my sister in the other room, her brother asked me if he could play my ps3. I said, "yeah but don't change the game that's already in there" (thinking it was NHL 09). I turned on the ps3 for him and then received a call from work and had to go upstairs to my room. After 45 minutes of talking to my manager, I come downstairs to see her 8 year old brother playing Red Dead Redemption... Before I could snatch the controller from him my gf walks into the room and asks, "why do I hear people screaming and guns going off? Are you watching a western?" Hahaha, well she looked at the TV, saw it was a video game, looked at her brother holding the ps3 controller sitting right infront of the tv, and gave me that "what the fuck?" look.  
Afterward I explained the situation to her and she understood, but was still bothered by it a little. I told her that playing the game for 45 minutes won't change him, he'll be fine and move on. THEN... dinner came along. I decided to have dinner at her house so that we could hang out for just a little more. Her family is very traditional in the sense that they have a home made dinner everynight together. Right when dinner started and everyone was seated, her brother started talking about Red Dead Redemption... for the whole fucking dinner. Saying things like "YEAH YOU CAN TIE SOMEONE UP AND THEN SHOOT THEM" and other fantastic things.  
"My brother wants to know if he can come over and play the ps3 again..." just received that text, no joke.  
Honestly do I care that my gf now hates videogames because of me? No. But as a hXc gamer I feel that poorly represented videogames and now she won't be able to understand why I play.  
Please don't comment saying "oh well your gf is just too sensitive" or "her parents are at fault in the first place". I just posted this is up to hopefully read about it someday and laugh or have others comment about situations like such.


My PS3 is not functioning Properly!

So about three weeks ago I updated my PS3 with the lastest update revision, and just around that time my PS3 started to act a bit weird. At first it would load up my games, then after playing on 5-min period game in NHL09, the audio commentary and music would stop and then if I try to exit the game after I was done it would freeze up. Then I would turn off the system, try it again, but then it wouldn't even read the CD! So I shut it off completely and let it sit for a couple of days, and same stuff would happen. It also won't even play blurays and I'm kind of pissed off about it. My friend told me that he was reading in some forums that people have been having problems like that ever since the newest update, but I can't seem to find any complaints. Anyone have any similiar problems or might know what is wrong? If I'm not specific enough please let me know and I will try to clarify!


My girlfriend thinks my dad was hotter than I am now...WTF!?

So I was with my girlfriend yesterday, and she noticed this picture of my dad on the computer. She looked at me and was like "Babe, you're dad was quite the hunk back then huh? Too bad you didn't get all of his traits" Fuck, what do I say to that? I think that she was kind of joking but I don't know... Shit, I feel like working out now... :(


"There is no knife in Half-Life!"

So last friday I was sitting in my Intro to Java class listening to the guest speaker we had that day. Half-way through the talk she started talking about using our free-time to our academic advantage. She said that instead of going to go see a movie, we read a book, instead of going to the beach, go to library, and all that sort of non-sense. Right before my interest in her lecture faded away, she asked the class, "How many of you in here play Half-Life??" Well, being the avid gamer that I am, my hand jolted up (I was a little embarrassed because no else raised their hand). She replied in a facetious tone, "OHHHH, well then you have no time for school work because you're too busy killing people with your knife in half-life!" At first I did not know what to say, but then after replaying what she said in my mind I told her "that's not possible because you never use a knife in half-life" Our guest speaker seemed a bit puzzled, she paused for a moment and replied " you obviously didn't play it that much then, because you do use a knife" Now I was a bit upset, I didn't care that she was trying prove me wrong, I cared that she kept talking to me in a condescending tone.  I decided to wait till after class to correct her knowledge on half-life. So after the class was over, I walked up to her and she said "Oh Mr. Half-Life, what may I correct you on now?" With out even missing a beat, I replied " you use a crowbar in half-life, you use a knife in counter-strike, you're gaming knowledge is just like you're teaching ability, poor" All-in-All, I got a little slap on the wrist from my teacher (the basic lecture of being nice to guest-speakers even if they are not nice to you). Fucking guest-speakers...