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@bollard it's quite frustrating to be honest. I even tried playing the singleplayer on the LOWEST of LOW settings. I'm talking lowest resolution, everything on low, v-sync off, and I am still getting 25-30 FPS.

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System Specs:

OS: Win 7 Professional

System Type: x64-based PC

Processor: Intell Xeon X5470 @ 3.16GHz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

RAM: 16.0 GB

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670

Monitor: DELL S2440L 24"

So after several weeks of playing BF4 with no problems (Probably getting around 60FPS) my frame-rate started to dip into the Mid 30's and High 20's.

I tried OC my CPU, unparking my CPU, turning off almost ALL processes except for BF4 and other essential programs.

What I notice is that my frame-rate dips as soon as I get involved in action, but if I turn away from the action then my FPS jumps to 60 FPS.

I don't know if it's an issue with packet loss because I have been playing on servers with around 10 people, with latency below 20 ping.

I've tried going back to an older version of my driver, nothing.

Even if lower my settings to ALL low, the FPS remains around 30.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I need to update to my current rig or any tricks to help improve my FPS?

This is what the Geforce experience suggests for my settings:

Ambient Occlusion: HBAO

Anti-Aliasing Deferred: Off

Anti-Aliasing Post: High

Effects: Low

Lightning: Ultra

Mesh: Low

Post-Process: Ultra

Resolutoin: 1920x1080

Resolution Scale: 100

Terrain Decoration: High

Terrain Quality: Ultra

Texture Filtering: Low

Texture Quality: Low

(Mind you I turn off V-sync)

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@JoeyRavn said:

Crysis. It's pretty, but, if you ask me, the gunplay feels terrible. The enemies are complete bullet sponges. I liked the sequel, though.

I completely agree with you on Crysis. I was stunned by the visuals and really looking forward to the experience... But as soon as I start shooting it just felt off and that really bugged me. The Sequel had much better gun play.

I'd have to say Rage was a pretty boring experience for me overall. I really enjoyed the combat at first but then it just got kind of numb. I breezed through it and was surprised by the total lack-luster ending sequence.

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@Mikemcn said:

Sinleplayer is just generally broken. I haven't progressed far enough to see if I have the same issue as you with player models. But...

On Operation Swordbreaker, after you fire a rocket at the building, as your AI buddies lay the bridge over to the next building, if you walk back to the door you originally came out of onto the rooftop, and then walk out into the open, you instantly get sniped, as if you had restarted the sniper sequence all over again, even though he should be dead.

The campaign isn't even a mediocre experience, it's broken in a million ways and just not fun. I also had a bug where the game would crash after coming up from unplugging the bomb in Operation Swordbreaker, so I had to start that entire mission over again.

Multiplayer wise, Battlelog is a little tricky, I get plenty of random disconnects or, the connecting to server screen will just stop.

Yeah I can understand how it's broken... Weird how I didn't have these issues with BFBC2 yet this game was supposed to be a much larger and flagship release. Oh well, I had to play through operation guillotine again (which is quite annoying on hard) so that I could have the models spawn. Once the game loaded up the mission "Comrades"... no models to be find anywhere. I usually play the MP but I wanted to try the game out on Hard, and so far it's just a broken experience. Enemy AI picks you out instead of any of your other soldiers (even if you're all the way in the back sniping). It's not good AI, it's just cheap.

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Hey everyone,

so after a while of playing BF3, I've noticed several re-occurring and annoying bugs/issues on the PC version of the game. Even after the latest Patch, these issues still exist.

1) When loading up the single player, sometimes the interrogation cut scenes are choppy, slow, and the audio cuts in and out / repeats itself. But then when I'm actually playing, it's smooth and perfect.

2) Also in singe player, I'll load up a mission (happens ALL the time at the last sequence of the final mission, The Great Destroyer) and some of the NPC models won't load! I can hear them, but they are invisible, so it's really annoying when you need them to progress. I'll restart the mission, try several things, but nothing seems to work unless I exit the game.

3) In Multiplayer, I'll play for several hours, take a break, come back to play and... it won't let me log into any servers! I will get in a server only to be disconnected several seconds in the match. Also it will randomly tell me that I have been disconnected from EA online, it's quite annoying. I think I solved the problem when I disconnected my Guitar Audio Interface from the volume... but that just make any sense as to how that would mess up my connect.

Anyone having the same problems or know how to get around them? Thanks!

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Your score kind of reminds of how sometimes I'll rush up on 64 metro (when fighting for B on conquest), kill a bunch of dudes, run back down, and have NO CLUE as to why I didn't die. That's a legit score you got there, I can see that being possible on 64 rush on Operation Metro. I just think your "I am a beast" statement is a little much, but then again... I've had those "beast" rounds so I kind of understand where you are coming from. But I've never made a topic about it and posted a screenshot of my KDR... okay I lie, I did it once for MW2 BUT THAT'S IT!

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I would use ALL THE STARS

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I agree that the gun sounds in COD are quite weak in general. While I do have many problems with COD, I've never had many issues in terms of bugs and glitches in the single player campaign. I know that a lot of people have, maybe I'm just lucky, but I always find the COD Singleplayer experience to be quite smooth (I'm talking MW and MW2 here). For example all throughout the BF3 campaign I had an issue where models wouldn't load so you could hear them, interact with them in QTE's, but that was it. I got stuck on a level several times because a model didn't load who was supposed to open a door for me. It also happened at the ending of the game... I am starting to get quite numb the COD experience though. I think maybe problem was that I played the Black Ops singleplayer which was just too much for me. Nothing compares to the sniper mission in Modern Warfare in terms of excitement and intense moments. This is all in my opinion of course. The constant in-your-face-high-octane action in black ops just made everything numb. All in all, I will most likely rent MW3 just for the single player, try out the multiplayer, and then go back to BF3. I would rather play it on my PC but I do not want to pay the full 60$ for the game. I would rather get Uncharted 3

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I don't get car problems because I drive a BMW.