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Great Multiplayer, Solid Single player. 0

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 makes its first appearance onto the PC with quite success. BFBC2 is a direct sequel to DICE's popular game Battlefield: Bad Company. DICE advertised Bad Company as having a full-fleshed singleplayer campaign (a new addition to the Battlefield universe) and action packed multiplayer that Battlefield is known for. While the single player received fair reviews, it was the multiplayer that made Bad Company so popular. Now with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, was DICE able to ...

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An ambitious adventure game that has a unique style to it. 0

Assassin's Creed was developed by Ubisoft Montreal, the same group of developers that brought us Rainbow six Vegas 1 and 2. In the game, you play as Altair, a master at assassinating people, hence the name, Assassins creed. He is close to your basic generic protagonist. I said "close" because it seems that he doesn't mind killing a lot of people. You also play as Desmond Miles, but you just walk around with him. I don't really want to spoil anything with him; even though his parts are boring. Bu...

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