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Tyler Perry's House of Pain: A Telltale Games styled FMV adventure

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Family friendly game of thrones sounds like it'll be terrible or Labyrinth-esque. Please be the latter

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My favorite Patrick moment was the ubiquitous flaming hot dog. But I knew I was cool with him when he started telling his College "X" story. Though overall, I mostly remember the constant indie and horror content that no one else on the site did. Reminded me of sifting through RPS at times.

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All the luck Patrick, keep on it.

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It's gonna be mordor isn't it. It's fun, but GOTY?

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I don't normally participate, but I decided to skip the IGN sounding enthusiast talk and make this.

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Is this gonna be a cycle? Bad III, Good IV, Bad Unity, Wait for Vicotory?

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Everyone's saying Transistor, but there were only 5 tracks that made me love the soundtrack. The rest felt OK to the game, but not as great as those 5. Reading this thread I forgot how much I loved the Wolf Among Us soundtrack. It didn't always fit the tone of the game, and became too noticeable at points but It's really soothing. Anyway my vote is for Luftrausers. I love that Red alert sound.

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I feel I finally have ammo against all the Origin Apologists. Yes it's not so bad, but I don't need multiple services for all my games. I have Steam since it's established, and no service(DRM Free). Adding more doesn't help.

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This made me realize that Far Cry is the only first person open world game/series I can think of. Also the way the minimap moves in relation to your viewpoint is soo good.