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I own about 5 Vinyl records, with the intention of getting a few more. I don't own a Vinyl player, but they remind me that I love the bands, the artwork and that I can enjoy sitting down and just listening to music without reading a book or driving a car sometimes.

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I feel like often the situations don't acknowledge the moral byproducts they cause. Shut down a staduim? It's an emergency. Kill a few people? Byproduct of open world games and irrelevant to the story since there's no associated cutscene. And not just this one. MOST games. The hero is the relatable, good willed hero. Rarely an anti-hero He/She always does the "right" thing, and is just fun enough to be enjoyable. We celebrated The Last of Us for bucking many of these trends. So I find it weird how much we're kicking Watch Dogs when it's just following the pack. After all that seems like what it's good at.

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This isn't a big story, but it's one of my favorites this year. Thanks Patrick.

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I tried not bringing crooked man in, because well...his power is trickery after all. He's the successful crime boss version of Jack. But you just get killed. And killed. And not skipping the cutscene, killed again. So you just have to convince people. But I threw him down the well all the same. Not gonna make it savage society nor trust the person he had the most influence over to imprison him. Probably make a Just in case backdoor. I kinda feel bad for bigby in how things turned out with Snow, but it seems "realistic" with the miniature government that runs this shaky place. On the whole Narissa/Faith thing, I felt the entire scene was a little bit of an epilogue and the silent consideration over the crooked man was a better ending. There's often no happiness in true justice, just closure. Anyway, they really pushed the point last minute of similarities in a Keyser Soze(?) kinda way. It puts all the trust onto Georgie's dying words which aren't wholly trustable but good enough for me. Especially seeing how The Crooked Man twists the scenarios of every other event relative to his reply with Georgie. So I don't know if Faith was even alive when we first saw her; Narissa's whole story also becomes suspect with the only honest point being that she wanted the crooked man gone.

So I take the Curious Bad cop route. Ok with questionable justice, but needing to see the whole story through.

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I like his points about monotony and formula even though they've been said before. I don't think that they considered all the criticisms he brought up while making Ocarina because that game is huge.

On Arin/Egoraptor himself, I think he can go over the line but is hilarious in the right times and places. Then again a lot of this humor is taken from the push all the jokes 110% spirit of Newgrounds.

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I love all kinds. I don't like Modern Country with that weird guitar twang thing, but I'm usually game for most genres.

I have deep affinity for Hardcore Punk like Big Black, and I'm starting to get into some more electronica industrial that doesn't feel like it exists to be dark and brooding.

I also really love poppy beatles-esque(Not the best example I know) throwback music like Mikhail Cronin or She and Him

Finally there's some really good alternative folk. The best I've got is the well known In the Aeroplane over the Sea but really it's that great.

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Conker 2. Or some spiritual sequel that ends up being fun to play, referential and Crude funny in a way that works(I'm looking at you Duke Nukem Forever)

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I know it's clearly a joke but I think it makes us more aware of what people are willing to spend on and how far a joke can go. Sure this is a lazy thing, but it didn't really seem to intend to make money. It wanted to make commentary on kickstarter the same way Divekick does for fighting games. The difference being the effort and skill put into it.

So I'm ok with this existing.

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I'm totally cool with franchises being rebooted, sequeled and continued. On new IPs I like to see some, mostly due to the fact that the field can stagnate in ideas. I remember that year that nearly every announcement from splintercell to Medal of honor was grey shooter, grey shooter. I think Watch_Dogs was hyped because it looked different and claimed to be different. Which means something when other series lose their appeal.

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They actually explain the ribbon if you choose to ask her about if you can remove it. And yes it's what you're expecting Alex. Otherwise I rather enjoyed the episode. I think the third is by far the best in the season, but I've never found the choices as interesting as the play by play action, either in fights or dialogue. And while this episode got disjointed at points, they felt no more disjointed than the rest of the season. Especially since everyone seems to be falling apart at the seams as issues come to a head. The only character who isn't is the woodsman, mostly because he's been so beaten down by now that there's nowhere for him to fall. Usually the middle act is the investigative one, with a twist right after. Here it's been shifted so the investigation is all set at the end which made it somewhat cut and dry. But I still felt like it kept it's cool and went to interesting places. If they make more seasons in this style(not necessarily this universe) then I'd like them to take a deeper crack at the writing room to make sure that all this gels better. After all, with three seasons the pitfalls and successes of this style of storytelling are becoming more clear and less experimental.