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a game like pipe dream?

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As a kid i owned Wrecking Crew, Mario Teaches Typing and Mario Paint. My youngest memories was Wreaking Crew however, I love it, the best part of the game was level creator, it even had a load and save feature, but i dont think it worked if you shut the game off. Ah the memories!

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9 mostly for being based off Ron Jeremy, what can I say he's a sex machine and the princess keeps coming back for more.

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I wonder why SMB2 is missing LOL yet they have the GBA Advance port up. Could it be they don't believe its a true game due to  Doku Doku Panic being an entirely different Japanese title? But if that's the case they would have listed Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels... And technically lost levels was released on the Virtual Console so it is now an "American" title.