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Can anyone tell me the name of the song that was played as Jeff and Vinny talked Getty Images and Square Space? (The latest episode).

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Maybe in a year or two (closer to two). I have a gaming PC and enough PS3 games to play. Plus I really need to get another 360 since mine died and that left me with a bunch of unplayed games (and games I want to play again!).

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Probably Driver 3.

As a big fan of Driver, I had been following the game for years, and it showed a great deal of promise based on what had been said and shown. It was doing a lot of cool stuff with physics, it boasted like 80 vehicles, and it had third person combat. So I pre-ordered it, brought it home, and became almost instantly disappointed. The framerate made the game unplayable. Everyone had been bashing the gameplay, and it's true that the on-foot stuff was poorly done, but I found it literally unplayable just on a technical level. I could have forgiven it otherwise, and that is why it was so disappointing.

Thankfully I was able to get a refund. Blockbuster for some reason charged me $80 for the game.

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I don't think they're going to be able to communicate that game's beauty through consoles the way that they can on the PC. Those consoles are built on technology from before the Witcher 2's engine was even being built. That said, the game was created with consoles in mind. It scales pretty well.

The fact that it's a DX9 game softens the contrast, I think, because they aren't doing the tessellation, etc that we see in some of the DX11 games. It could be a lot worse when you consider the fact that Crysis 2 in DX11 is extremely pronounced in its superiority over the DX9 console versions.

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I built a machine just recently. It's a mix of parts both bought and salvaged from my old PC. I need a new monitor, since this one only goes up to 1280x1024, and it's not a widescreen monitor.

AMD Athlon II X3 3.3GHz *


Nvidia GTS 250 1GB

AuzenTech X-Studio 5.1 sound card

500GB Seagate Barracuda HDD

* Most of these can be unlocked (and overclocked, if you like) to Phenom II X4's. I just haven't tried it yet.

It isn't a high end rig, but it runs most of the new games well enough. I can play Skyrim on Ultra at 1280x1024 at a very playable framerate. I also use the FXAA Post Process Injector mod. Skyrim is actually an interesting game technologically. The game does not demand that much from the GPU, but it does from the CPU. Where it gets weird is when you find out that it's threaded for 2 cores. Therefore the optimal CPU solution for Skyrim is one of the newer dual core Intel processors. So my processor is more than adequate for the game, since what you want is two cores that run at high clock speeds.

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My cheap ass will wait for $5 on steam :P

Eh, this game is so worth your money man

Srsly. It won't go on sale for $5 for a couple years, I'd think. Steam has gone out of their mind on many occasions, but don't hold your breath on $5 Witcher 2. Deus Ex Human Revolution was $17, and I could see Witcher going down to $12.49 on a big sale. But $5? I would be shocked.

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I run Windows 7 Home Premium. It's a great OS. I also run Windows 8 Developer Preview, which is pretty neat.

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Some of the responses in this thread are comedy gold.

Honestly, I don't put anything past Bethesda when it comes to jank, or just general lack of tightness. It's a huge world where all sorts of weird ass stuff can go down. I made the mistake of questioning everything in Oblivion...

My name is Brandon. I used to be sane. And then I played Oblivion...

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1. Replace my Xbox 360 that died and then mysteriously came back to life, and then died again (this time for good, I believe).

2. Buy a PS3.

3. Finish The storylines of every class in The Old Republic.

4. Finish the entire main quest in Skyrim and put at least 150 hours into the game.

5. Play through the entirety of The Witcher 2.

As you can probably tell, I have issues with completing games. I am not good with finishing my games. I want to change that!

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You know what Final Fantasy in 2012 doesn't look like? Versus 13. That game is never coming out, is it?

It is indeed coming out. Probably not this year, but next year is quite likely. It is simply that Square-Enix showed the game too early. They were marketing the Fabula Nova Crystallis series quite heavily, and this is one of the core parts of that. Nevertheless, they have been in full production since early fall, so it is coming out. The technology is all there at this point, so all it takes is creating content. So 1-2 years is the range we're looking at. In Playstation world, this is obviously not a big deal, since FFXII came out in 06, the year that the PS3 launched.

They'll still have to delay it for the 360 port.

They can release the PS3 version and then bring the 360 port out 6 months later or something. It's hard to say how they are handling this, if the assumption is correct in the first place. But man, if it does come to 360 (likely enough), I will still get the PS3 version, I think. The Xbox 360 port of FFXIII had severely compressed CG, and lesser quality graphics.

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