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Sadly, this threat has gotten more prompt coverage than the dozens of women who have been more credibly threatened under the guise of #gamersgate.

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I'm confused why there's no mention of the horrifying events that happened this weekend (pertaining to the threats made and lack of support from the games press). Silence is not okay.

Yeah, giant bomb remaining quiet during this is just grossing me out. They have a big audience, people listen to them. Say something.

Horrifying? What happened?

Patrick and Alex discussed it in today's Bombin video, which is on the site.

I would love to see @patrickklepek write something on this so it is prominently featured in the newsfeed and not buried on a podcast.

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Loved the Sarkeesian video. While I wouldn't blame anyone who gives up criticizing games because of the harassment, attacks, and fear physical harm, I'm glad she is still out there pushing forward the discussion on women's issues and games.

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Great, they're nerfing GBSF and now GBNY is OP!!!

Seriously, good luck in NY, you've earned it.

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NFC Pokemon?

Catch them all for $9.99 USD each!

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But why is Patrick winking?

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Early April Fools???


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I am looking forward to a Metroid-vania for the first time in a while.

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I wonder if there will be a way for people to use this to freely access games that they bought previously on PSN?