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Alright guys, I'm currently in a dilemma regarding my gamerscore. I have roughly 11500 on my current account but my gamerscore to games ratio is killing me when I look at it. The poor ratio resulted from me working in a games shop and being able to borrow games whenever I saw fit, so I ended up getting more than I could chew and never finishing most of them. Looking at my gamerscore now, it saddens me. I was once a gamerscore guy but now I have lost interest due to my ratio being so poor. I am thinking of setting up a new account to tackle the problem though, do you think it's worth it though?

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This advert is actually really good.

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I used to be like that. When my  mates used to let me borrow some games I would play them on a completely different account! I never thought I'd say this as a kid though, but I don't have enough time to get all the achievements =( however, I can try as hard as possible! :D

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When I first got my 360 a couple of years ago I was a complete and utter perfectionist. All I cared about was getting a great gamerscore to games ratio. Something I obtained with my first account - Robot Vampir3. However, as time went on I grew away from the whole idea and didn't like them at all. I created numerous new accounts until I finally settled on my current one, HDizzle Grizzle. I was never bothered about my gamerscore again up until the other day when I was looking and saw that I have a rubbish ratio. Suddenly the urge I haven't felt for years came back, I wanted to play games a lot more again. Wanted to find the achievements, wanted to explore every nook and cranny and wanted to complete all the games I have played. Unfortunately for me, I no longer have a majority of those games, I think I have about 8 360 games now as I needed some money badly. It pains me to see my gamerscore so dreadful. However, I will hopefully be getting my christmas temp job at Gamestation back at the beginning of July where one of the perks is that I get to borrow £60 worth of games a week, giving me the chance to make up my gamerscore haha!
Do any of you guys still got purposely after achievements or have they just become another part of the game for you?

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Just played this game for the first time in years yesterday and ending up getting over 1 million for the first time ever! I have never been happier haha :P

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I want a further expanded universe, like if it's the final to the trilogy just give us more planets, more aliens and more characters!

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Competetive because I always like a challenge however, that's not to say that I don't like co-op!

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@JonDavis said:
Quick Looks.   Because they're funny, relevant, and provide insight into games I normally wouldn't give a damn about.
Double ditto.
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I love the Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack, some of those songs are just classics! Also get a huge nostalgia feeling when I listen to the Ocarina of Time Soundtrack as well.

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Vinny and Brad would be the best for me!