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I do but usually when I tend to get annoyed at them. However, I am a victim of leaning into my turns and moving my controller with turns when I play racing games.

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McLaren seem to be getting their act together now but the lead Vettel has created will be hard to overcome as I can't see his performance or the car's dropping any time soon.

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I remember owning a SNES and Mega Drive to begin with and I don't know the first time I played them properly. My earliest memory though is getting up at 6 AM everyday before school, having a cup of tea and biscuits and then playing Super Mario World before school for 2 hours. It was great, I wish I could still do that but nowadays I find it difficult to get up at 10 :P

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If you want a game you can both play but at separate times, you should download Banjo Kazooie, great game that both you and your girlfriend will love.

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Pretty much the topic title.
That title took me ages btw :P

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Usually go for normal if it's a game I know quite a bit about however, if a game has been notorious for high difficulty then I will pick easy. The best example would be Gears of War, I heard that game was hard so started on casual.

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@craigbo180 said:
I am in the minority in that I preferred Starfox Assault to Starfox Adventures.
I never actually played this game! I have always wanted to. I'm guessing you saying this is that you'd recommend it? :P
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@GetEveryone: That is understandable, but I'm happy that I've found people on this site that enjoy the game haha! 
I also agree with your view on not taking haters seriously when this game was actually good.
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I  remember finding this game quite difficult back in the day and I remember having to consult a guide to get through it. 

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Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars where I live :P ) was an amazing game and so was the Star Fox game before it on the SNES but I thought that this game was amazing. It did look beautiful though, I agree with you.