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I'm currently sitting my A-Level exams in England. I have already finished my English Language course which my teacher says I got a safe B in. However, I have a Chemistry exam this Friday and also a History one coming up. I need to get ABB to get into my choice of University and I can guarantee even though I will have to wait until August, the moment I put my pen down in the last exam I will be nervous for these results.
Oh well, hopefully a party fueled holiday in Malia 4 days after my last exam will calm me down :P

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When A Stranger Calls or The Ring. These two films terrified me when I watched them. The first because it was great for keeping suspense and the second because of Samara, who looked freaky as!

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I remember getting Star Fox Adventures for my Gamecube when I got it for Christmas and vividly remember playing it first out of my new games. Alot of people give it stick for straying too far away from the other Star Fox games but I thought the whole premise of you being on foot worked. It was a beautiful game for its time and was a decent length as well, which makes it harder for me to see why anyone could give this game as much stick as it gets.

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I actually really loved this game. I thought the whole concept of the islands worked really well and I could spend hours just roaming the seas. The graphics still look beautiful today, you're right and in fact, this thread has made me want to play WW again.

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Yeah, so I was thinking the other day how much I enjoyed this game therefore I went on Youtube to try and bring back some feelings of nostalgia. Well I came across something called a 'long play' and something I've not seen before. I really enjoyed watching it and reminded me of a time when I was young.
Just thought I'd share it.   

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User Videos, which I tried to find GB's stance on before and found out it was a definite no! :(
I also think  that is potential to go through the older games. Building up a retro section on the website could be easy for the staff to do and I would love to hear there opinions on an ER for an older game such as Banjo Kazooie, Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VII or maybe even Resident Evil!

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@Masha2932 said:
I have the same issue, especially with my PS2 back catalogue.There are  games i bought years ago and I've barely touched them. I'm currently trying to rectify this by dedicating myself to one game at a time. Its tough to impose rules on myself but i believe it will help me in the long run.
One game at a time is hard work. I have tried this but always get tempted away too easily haha!
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Thanks guys, it does make sense of being too much to manage and that there are other websites that do it better. It would be cool but I suppose if you want someone to see a video so bad then you can always embed one, or link to one, in a post.
Thanks again though!

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I was just looking at some of the videos the guys at Giantbomb have put up and it got me wondering. The staff are limited by the releases of new games that we can rarely see footage of more retro games, albeit unless there's an ER.
It's probably have been asked before but was there any intention, or will there be, of introducing user videos to the community? I'm not sure what the paid members get extra but this could be a good way to entice more people to join (it would me) and then hopefully, with some heavy moderating potentially, turn the wiki pages into even more in-depth articles than they already are. Didn't really know where to put this in terms of the forum though.
Thanks for reading.

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Gears 2 I thought was most enjoyable. Reach was fun but I grew pretty tired of it towards the end because I  found the Halo formula to be  abit generic by then. Black Ops has no form of character development or anything and only has good online.