Christmas holiday games to play list

As a hardcore gamer and always having to buy the new big hits as soon as they some out and the odd other games that i hear great things about if been collecting a growing list of games i havent even touched. 
I just finished AC Brotherhood and force unleashed 2( which was decent but short), and i just cant get into Black ops for some reason. In a slum trying to figure out what to play next i ave been playing some brotherhood MP, very fun and im pretty decent at the game.
Im strongly tempted to go buy a xbox kinect, which i think i will pick up tomorrow after work before i have trouble finding one with christmas only a few weeks away. Its expensive but i have a stack of at least 20 old games i have no intention of ever playing again so why not trade them in. normally i dont like the idea of the whole 2nd hand games but its better than just sitting on them.
Well, off for today to go pack up those trade games for tomorrow :). next time ill blog about my impressions of the kinect.