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@patrickklepek Ash was a cyborg?!? Geez give us a spoiler warning next time.

Kidding, but one of the most horrifying things ever though? Him rolling up that magazine and trying to shove it down Ripley's throat.

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@alexisg: Can we just take the braces ( [ ] ) out of the filename on the premium podcasts? I'm getting the invalid character error in Doggcatcher (where a brace is coincidentally at position 57) just when downloading the Bombcast, the other premiums work (no braces!). Podkicker does the same, Alt+F1 and Powerbombcast will download on the premium feed, but Bombcast is a no go.

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@patrickklepek I think one of the biggest faults of this piece is assuming that all of the people upset about the acquisition were backers. The kickstarter campaign has nothing to do with it. Facebook as a company has a history of making bad decisions; just look at the assumptions they make about security and privacy policy, currency...I mean they can't satisfy the users of their own service. Proposing that they will make good decisions with Oculus is suspect for people that didn't invest, but are hopeful for the future and are familiar with the past.

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Bought the game last week on sale from XBL, whenever I load the game I can't press start and actually start. It's stuck on the title screen.

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It's incredibly interesting to see this information, but I'm kind of at a loss as to how this does anything more than make Activision appear bad. It seems like they weren't acting outside of the law. The depositions read as if Activision was merely acting on information that the company had access to anyway, but didn't reach far enough to get. The fumigation shit is just bananas though....

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FYI, the open stuff that gets returned in a resellable condition gets resold on Amazon's Warehouse Deals site. They're not losing a ton on people returning games.

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Until the day HBO go is cable subscription independant I'm out.  I want more reasons to get rid of cable not keep it. 
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Good article, but I kind of liked it better when Activision wasn't a topic of conversation on this site. 



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This might help:


1) The obvious, her abbreviated name is spelled out in the clue

2) This one is more of a recording rather than an A.I.

3) A complete list of this type of character might be of help, you monster.