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Payload is fun...but I miss the days when people played CP maps and customs and all that...

I used to play a lot of 24/7 dustbowl back in the day

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I don't like any of the updates [weapons]. I think TF2 was the best without them.

I don't like payload that much either, nowadays all pub servers are only running badwater and goldrush, and I'm just plain sick of that game mode. CTF is broken in TF2, but it could have been fixed if Valve tried. CTF and CP TF2 would have been just fine with me.

I think all TF2 needed was more maps and it would have been great. Instead we got a million pyros, stun weapons (that shouldnt be in an fps game), and battle medics.

32 player servers are also very spammy. The game works best for 24 players and less. 32 is fun cause its chaotic, but it gets old eventually.

I remember the days when TF2 wasn't all about payload and pyros.

Anyways you might think I think TF2 sucks, nah, it's a great game that could have been a lot better.

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That happened to me. It's primarily due to a failing hard drive (low hard drive access speed) or low RAM, or like in my case, both.

Adding more RAM should fix the problem. If you have plenty, then download HD Tune and see if your hard drive is all right.

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COH is the kind of campaign that after I've beaten it once, I don't really feel like playing it again, until maybe a long time later.

I'd go for the new experience..

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Fifa 96 on the PC (it might have been 97 dont remember) was a game of my childhood. I used to hook up a controller and we'd play 1 v 1.

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nutcrackr said:
"I've only played 70 hours. I stopped for a few reasons. Firstly crits. Didn't bother me at first but as I became good I came to the realisation that I could never truly dominate when sometimes new and bad players get extra bonus damage and kill me. Second reason was the achievements. The introduction of the medic achievements was terrible it made 90% of people farm for them. The achievements themselves I thought weren't progress based, but rather do something stupid to get your weapon unlocks. Crits mostly though, I probably would still be playing if it didn't have them, achievements aren't a big deal."
Play on no-crit servers. I do all the time. TF2's competitive potential is possibly even greater than that of CS since it is such a dynamic and strategy based game - its not just a twitch based game like CS where one person can carry the entire team.
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hey um i got this problem steam keeps on crashing n i dunno what to do HELP HELP HELP

just kidding. lol.
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Hey Thordain, finally got to play with you the other day, hope we can play more often. I play A LOT. No game has pulled me away for the past year or so...and I've passed by L4D, Crysis Wars, Red Alert 3, Far Cry 2, COD WAW, etc. etc. 

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Is there anyone else who just can't stop playing this game?

It never gets boring...especially if you have a group of friends or regulars that you play with.
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Hey TC, someone I know has the same avatar as you, are you that person?