My top 10 of 2010.

Just a quick rundown of the games that gave me the most enjoyment in 2010. 
10. Singularity: This game really cought me by surprise by how it uses time m anipulation to tell it's rich plot with really interesting characters.  This also had some really interesting and well designed weapons. Easily Raven's best work in a long long time. 
9. Blur:  Bizarre Creations mix of licence cars and crazy power ups made for the most fun that I have with a racer this year. Also the menu music is totally boss.  


8. Transformers War for Cybertron: High Moon studios did an excellance job of crafting a great telling of the two factions the autobots and decepticons in their epic battle for Cybertron.  
7. Halo Reach: Easliy Bungie's best Halo game and a great sent off by it's creators plus who doesn't love loadouts. 
6.Red Dead Redemption: Dead Wood the video game. R* proves once again that they are the masters of open world storying telling. Plus it also does that shooting and      horse back riding thing pretty damn well. 
5.Enslaved: While the gameplay of this retelling of a journey to west may have been a bit weak it totally makes up for it with great characters, storytelling and a rich and beautiful world. 
4. Vanquish: I just rocket kicked a robot to the FACE....nough SAID.
3. Mass Effect 2: Bioware's epic and I repeat EPIC scifi rpg with some the most interesting character ever seen in any form of entertainment and lore that is more engosing that most scifi novels .  Bioware got rid of a lot the fat that surrounded ME1 and as a result is a game that plays as good as any tps on the market and with a character interaction system that will be miniced for years to come.     
2. Darksiders: Vigil's first effort fires on all cylinders. This game is packed with a whole bunch of different gameplay mechanics and they all are pulled off flawlessly. Darksiders'  apocalyptic tale is told via some of the greatest VO I have ever heard and I couldnt wait for one of the game's characters  to open their mouths. By the end of this trilling adventure I couldn't wait to replay War's epic tale over again. The wait for the sequel is truly killing me. Some would call this dark zelda but I would call it the zelda Nintendo wish they could make. 

1. Bayonetta: Did I  just freaking  throw a church at a 2 headed Dragon with a human head for a body.....nough SAID .