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It isn't that odd. Valve games are only available on their platform. Plus Ubisoft and EA games can be bought from a number of sources like GMG, Gamersgate, Amazon and more.

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Lightning Returns with a good frame rate, I'm down for that. I hope they include the original Japanese VO.

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Technology is reversing. Cell Phones are becoming huge again.

It's the worst!

Yeah. One of the reasons I switched from Android to iPhone is because the size of Android phones was getting a bit out of hand.

Same here. Couldn't find a good Android that wasn't huge, so I made the switch and got an iPhone 5.

You guys should look into Sony's compact line. They have pretty much top line specs in a smaller frame.

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Weird I don't recall seeing a post for the Moto X, Galaxy Note 4 or any other smart phone announcement.

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Faith and a .45 and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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Damn, if you hate Snake Eater's gameplay I have no idea how you're going to play the other ones... To be honest though when taken into consideration of when these games came out, they were the best stealth games you could get at the time. I'm just glad that in 4 they modernized it and it looks like 5 is going to be even better.

By time MGS 3 was out the first 2 Splinter Cell games were out and they handled stealth so much better. Also Tenchu was out before MGS and that also handled stealth better. Hopefully MGS 5 will be better but I have never felt that the MGS series were good stealth games and most people seem to only play for the story.

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What book should I start with after finishing season 4?

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Diablo 3 and the Left 4 Dead games.

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It is sitting at 82 on metacritic so it isn't like the game has been getting negative reviews.

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I wish From would make Otogi 3.