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In my opinion....

The game is epic, concerning art/visuals. The characters, the levels and the machines etc are extremely vibrant and I found it almost impossible to find a level that was awful looking and not done well. The game is a button masher, climb here, climb there, tap tap, on to the next part, if you don’t mind that great, but it does become quite boring.

The story itself is great, it’s not amazing or outstanding, but it is great, the characters are good in themselves and for me personally, I really enjoyed the character progress and the cut scenes, but I felt at times, there weren’t enough cut scenes.

The story starts off slow at first, game play becomes quite tedious and I felt quite bored towards the middle, but thankfully the story picked up pace by the middle and I started to become deeply engaged until the end, even managing a few chuckles here and there! During playing the story through, I had to restart my console three times because of the loading screen becoming frozen, this did not affect my enjoyment at all with the game but it can be quite frustrating.

Overall the game is great, for £10 it is a bargain, but the game lets it self down with the boring beginning, tedious gameplay that can become quite repetitive and the lack of cut scenes to give the story more ‘weight’.

Most of all what I enjoyed about the game, is the story building between the two main characters and the cute dependency they have on eachother - it's fresh, it's sweet, it's new and great to watch.

If you enjoy games such as Deus Ex, LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted, definitely give this game a rent!

Overall rating - 7/10

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Black Ops VS Modern Warfare 3 discussion/blog



Modern Warfare 3 VS Black Ops by xSuperGirl

The Call of Duty series has achieved many great things, recognition, criticism, huge following and many more other aspects that come with having a game title so well known.

When teenagers meet up with friends they may converse about last night's team deathmatch, sisters and brothers gather around TV sets, eyes glued on the next mission, listening to every word that Captain Price says as if he was preaching the gospel.

But I am not here to talk about Call of Duty's history or fame but rather to compare two recent titles in the game series.

Black Ops which was released in the November of 2010, devoloped by Treyarch and Modern Warfare 3 which was released on November 2011, devoloped by Infinity Ward + Sledgehammer games.

The controls for B:O and MW3 are very very similar, essentially, if you know how to play B:O you know how to play MW3 and vice versa.Black Ops is not necessarily a 'slower' game than Mw3 but a much more paced game, in my opinion, it feels like a much mature game than MW3. In Black Ops the general atmosphere of a game is pleasant, things may not be going your way but you are enjoying yourself, you may have more deaths than kills, but hey, you nearly won the last game. I can listen to music while playing Black Ops and be fully immersed in the game. Raging on Black Ops or smack talk from other players is very very rare, people are there to enjoy the gameplay.

Black Ops in essence is quite simple, you don't have to be the quickest dolphin diver or the most dedicated camper to be 'good' at it, everyone can enjoy Black Ops because no matter what gun you use or perks, everything is fairly even. I find myself in Black Ops, paying more attention to what I am doing and even strategizing my next move, in Black Ops you have to think, 'is someone laying in the corner over there' 'if I go around behind the tree, I won't be seen'. I find myself in the game, deciding very carefully where I will launch my semtex where as in MW3 I will launch my grenade as soon as the game starts, hoping by luck I will get a kill, where as in Black Ops, I make sure I get the kill. The atmosphere in lobbies on B:O is really pleasant, we have no 12 year old's who are unaware the whole lobby knows they got a voice changer on, swearing because they know their parents cannot hear them or teams of friends who strive desperately to impress eacho ther with their 'Yo Momma' jokes. In Black Ops it's simple, you log in, you play, lose or win, you accept it and move on to the next game unlike MW3 when nothing ever dies and you will be outted as a 'fhagget omgz' by a stranger on the internet for 2 minutes.

Now for Modern Warfare 3, I have been playing Modern Warfare 3 intensely this summer, for the simple reason that a lot more 'socialising' takes place, I have American gaming buddies who I link up with and enjoy the 'banter' with. In Black Ops, I would wait quietly in a lobby for the next game, passing one or two words with my current clan but that is all it ever is, within MW3 I feel totally different, before I know it I'm singing It's Friday by Rebecca Black with my clan buddies. The reason for this in my opinion, that Modern Warfare 3 is a very 'in your face game', you start a match, throw a grenade and hope for the best and immediately run to where all the action is taking place. Why? because everyone else does and what else can you do? There is not much strategy in MW3, for as I know, implementing my 'slow but steady' gameplay method for B:O into MW3 fails, because 1. there is nobody away from the main action. 2. I will most likely be killed by a camper or a dolphin diver anyways, so what is the point? There is no pace in MW3 generally, run, gun and hope for the best, it does not matter if your on target, just fire your whole magazine. My cautious gameplay in B:O is soon forgotten when I encounter 4 marathon running shotgun lovers on Dome on MW3. The message is simple for each and every newly released Call Of Duty title, you must adapt to survive. Forget what COD4 taught you, it doesn't matter if you were 10th prestige in Black Op's, it means nothing in MW3 if you cannot adapt.

As a girl who plays games (I hate the term gamer girl) nine times out of ten, I will encounter terrible sexcism, so much so I find myself quite nervous to put turn my mic on, it can be quite indimitating when you have 5 members of the 'SkillllzthatKilllzzzbruvvvINIT2k6' clan calling you every name under the sun, shouting through the lobby with their friends laughing along, afraid not to, what's even funnier is that as soon as the lobby ends, xPeRTKillAh37374 who was telling you to 'go in the kitchen and make me a sandwich' in front of his clan buddies, wants to add you as a friend - the cheek of it!

Now this is just my experience, but I am sure, every other girl in MW3 lobbies, get verbally abused also, we should not have to put up with it. Now that is not to say that all males I have encountered on CoD are horrible, some I do find are very polite, funny and mature, as I am sure every male is on Giant Bomb. It is a shame that MW3 lobbies are now over flowing with immature teenagers children who suddenly think they are invincible because they have a mic and voice changer.

Anyways, I have seem to gone off on a rant again but anyways, to bring my MW3 V B:O discussion in again. I do enjoy MW3, but only when I am winning. It is extremely dis disheartening on MW3 to built up a 10 killstreak, that you have slaved for, by running around the map aiming carefully and planning your next move to be killed by YungMoney453454 camping in the corner with a shotgun and a portable radar, in Black Ops you would get killed by a guy who is doing exactly the same as you and you accept it and move on, to be killed easily after all the hard work you put in, it feels like you have been cheated. The game is extremely unfair to those who play it, like the game was intended to be played. One thing I find rather funny is that in Black Ops, if you defend A + B and refuse to capture C it is called 'tactics' but in MW3 if you do exactly the same thing, it's considered spawn trapping, in MW3 you will do anything necessary to build up your kills.

I have enjoyed MW3 this summer, mainly because of the friends I have made online and because when me and my friends team up, we make an awesome team and beat every other team that play against us, we love glory and silencing those who trash talked beforehand, MW3 is a very boastful game.

Both games are great, for different reasons, some days I feel like running around a map, hoping for the best on MW3 and then others I want to play carefully in Black Ops.

With Black Ops 2 the only thing we know for sure is that, everyone must adapt once more, to be great again.

Thanks for reading guys,

my first blog/rant/review/my United States of Whatever,

let me know what you prefer, Black Ops or MW3 and why?

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Review of Enslaved Odyssey To The West...



My current set up! What's yours?

So yeah this is my gaming set up, currently a student so I only have my bedroom to work with haha but I'm a small girl so I don't need lots of room, its really cosy and watching a movie with the lamp on is lush! My phat ps3 was originally 60gb but I changed the hard drive to 640gb which now is quite beautiful I must say! The laptop brand is Lenovo, its got 8gb of Ram and 750gb hard drive, not really used for gaming, the laptop was a gift from my father to help me with my 'studies'.

I thought it would be interesting for you guys to see a 'gamer girls' set up (I really hate that term 'gamer girl' *shudders*)

any questions or whatever, lemme knowwwww!