Quick Reviews - 27/02/09

New idea i've had for the blog. Most of my thoughts and stuff are now on Twitter so it seems pointless doing that here. Instead i'll give my views on each weeks new releases. The date in the title relates to when the retail games came out.

Killzone 2
After the VERY short demo i still wasn't sure going in. 50% through the campaign now and i'm loving it. The game doesn't do anything new but what it does do it does brilliantly. Graphics are among the best i have seen on console, AI is very clever with how it deals with cover. Only downside so far is at this point i don't care at all about the story. I've heard it picks up later on.

Halo Wars
Probably as good as RTS will get on console in terms of controls. It was made for 360 though. As a fan of the Halo universe it has a solid campaign which fans will like. Recent PC games like Dawn of War 2 and the upcoming Company of Heroes expansion really show how it works best on PC.

Tomb Raider Underworld - Beneath the Ashes
Too expensive at 800pts (look at GTA4's to see how dlc should be priced). Very good though with some decent puzzles and sections. Does a better job of building up the 2nd dlc out in a week.
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Forgot about this!

Well 6 months is a long time in...well anything!

How is it going though? I have been coming to the site daily but seem to have forgotten about the blog part and my page in general.

Will blog soon >_>

TNA = Totally Nothing Awesome

Best i could come up with in 1 min of thinking. Anyway...quick blog. This TNA game - totally average. I remember being told this would blow WWE out of the water, but it has less features than Smackdown 1. The graphics are great and all...but thats the only thing going for it. 750 points achieved and im done. Story mode is average - a bit like the one in Def Jam Vendetta.

Hurry up THQ with SDvsR 09.

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Right, now that's over with!

I'm free of YouTube! It's evil curse of making me addicted to playing through brilliant games 10 mins at a time. Yeah, so as i've said and you're all aware, i've hung up my LP boots to focus on other things. Fully enjoyed doing it and the fact people seemed to enjoy watching them made it worth it. But now what for x? 4 things mainly. Uni, work, being social again, and all these fucking games due out.

What am i most looking forward to then. Banjo Nuts and Bolts, Tomb Raider Underworld and LittleBigPlanet come to mind. Fallout, Fable, Gears (yes, im still gonna give it a try) and Red Alert 3 are also major ones for me. Add to that Football Manager 09 (3D ENGINE), Fifa 09, PES 2009,

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Quick blog

sorry for lack of updates on here. i've not really done much online online recently. Few quick points:

Finished Braid. Fucking awesome.
Bionic Commando is very very good. Try it out.
Madden PS3 is on the way from the states AND im getting the UK 360 one on Friday. Best of both worlds.

blog more soon

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Sony! WTF are you doing?!?

I'm now frustated
Look at the awesome PSN Store update that i bothered to check...

Movement video - Milan
Secret Agent Clank demo for PSP
Civ Rev Wonders Game Pack - 69p
Guitar Hero 3 Interscope Track Pack - £3.99
Loved Ones Trailer

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! I understand it's August but is this really the best you could do? There are about 500 PS1 games you could have added. A Madden 09 demo! Facebreaker! ANYTHING! Sony just dont seem to give a crap about Europe. No video store. No Socom/Resistance beta. nothing.

Next weeks update is already 500x better as Ubisoft announced Driver would be added to the PS1 collection. Well, at least its something.

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Do I Import Madden 09?

It would cost the same
Ok, im running out of time to decide. As most of you know, the next installment is due out a week on Tuesday in the States and the Friday afterwards in the UK. Not only am i unsure what format to get, but also where to get it from. You see, its this 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition that has me undecided. Here is what it contains:

  • Contains the full version of Madden NFL 09
  • Contains the full version of NFL Head Coach 09
  • Contains exclusive Bonus Content
  • Fully playable version of Madden NFL 93
  • Retro playbooks featur the best plays from every year of Madden NFL Football history

Now it would cost me 45 quid to import this, which is pretty much what it will cost over here in the UK (mad i know, but these are the times we live in). The only downside i can see is that it may mean that due to shipping i may not see it until a week after launch. So, can i make do without my Madden goodness for a week. I guess so, i still have Madden 08 to fall back on for now. Madden 93 should be a laugh as well.

So it's a yes for now, but im running out of time to make my mind up.

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Advance warning to Giant Bomb friends

Charlies getting restless

It's been hinted at for a few days now (and even suggested by Cypheron!) but after this current run, which i expect to last until mid August, im taking a backseat. Which means after Tomb Raider Legend (which ends Sat anyway), Tomb Raider Anniversary and Crash 3 thats it from this Let's Player for a while. And not Banjo-Conker style gap...longer than that.

As many of you know, this isn't what made me a name on YouTube. For 18 months the channel was purely a Charlie Brookers Screenwipe channel (with the great mans blessing) and it became a meeting place for the cult show. The show returns this autumn which means i must get serious again and doing what gave me the vast majority of subscribers in the first place - providing new content from this awesome show. If i didn't i would be turning my back on those subscribers who have had nothing from me in months.

So, getting new shows out as well as the xmas rush of games as well as uni means my free time is limited so i can't make any commitments. There may be the odd video here of there from me (i dont want to promise it) but certainly not getting into big Let's Plays. Maybe a small vid of me playing Nuts and Bolts or something..i dunno.

So thats basically what this blog post is about. Makes more sense to do it here than on youtube in some 2 min vid. Im also starting to feel a bit burned out by it all to be honest. Its my fault as i went from 1 vid a day with Banjo to doing the stupid crap i ended up doing with Conker. I just got a buzz doing them, and i still do. But its the right time for a break.

So yeah, dont be shocked when this autumn the channel goes back to its Screenwipe roots. For those who subscribed for the Let's Plays, thank you very much, it means a lot. It's why i do them. But go and watch Screenwipe - its bloody brilliant!!

I'll go more into this with the youtube community nearer the time but i thought you should get a heads up....why am i talking like this is my last day. You still get 2 weeks of me swearing and playing through 3 great games. Legend should be done by Saturday, Crash probably by the following Tues/Wed...maybe a little longer. Leaving Anniversary to close the show. Or will it...

I might have one final 10 min Let's Play of one last game :)




There are loads of brilliant LPs out there. Lager, Durden, Tritex, Cypheron, Regal, Xitstyler, Zorlance, Matt, and many many more. Check my subs!

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PixelJunk Eden - WOW!

Hi there, xthemusic still here, still on 2 points!

Thought i'd share my thoughts on a game due out later this week - PixelJunk Eden. Made by the same guys as the overlooked PixelJunk Racers and PixelJunk Monsters. Those who have seen it in action will know what i mean, and today i got to finally try it out in demo form. Sony, have my money now. One of the most addictive experiences i have ever played. Go and check the demo out now...in the PSN Store. Plus, read this:

"PixelJunk Eden is set to support the PlayStation 3 trophy system at launch. It will also be possible to record in-game footage and upload it directly to YouTube."

2 great positives. 1) Finally another trophy game. 2) You will see a lot of vids from me of this game. Trust me on that one.

So yeah, providing it comes out at under $10, this should sell well and deserves to. Give it a go. And i havn't even mentioned the 3 player co-op!
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Tomb Raider Legend week starts today

As subscribers know, i have decided to dedicate a week to a game so great that it managed to make me forgive Eidos for Angel of Darkness. Each day will see me doing a level starting today with Bolivia. Its recorded and is on its way to youtube so you should see it soon.

As for here, i stayed away for a couple of days, but now this is officially my homepage so that wont be happening again!

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