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Love this idea and flexible approach to non-finished games. Glad to see more diversity in content and hopefully this will shed some light on the more interesting early-access games.

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Really enjoy when Patrick writes this style of article. It's less "reporting" and more "hey guys, some stuff happened and we should talk about it because these aspects of it are kind of a big deal."

Hope to see more like it.

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Played some games with dudes from the GB channel and it was a good time.

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DrStoked: PSN

@tharrington: you better skill up, son. You have until classes resume next week to get on my level.

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Really liking these kind of stories that Patrick has been doing lately.

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Glad I'm not the only one interested in this crazy thing.

Hopefully they bring it up on Mondays and our desire for Pokemans will be met

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I just heard about this game for the first time and it seems pretty interesting. It seems to be a Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired turn based RPG but...with pokemon.

Sounds pretty rad to me.

With new releases being pretty slim and this looking kind of cool, here's hoping someone takes a look at it.

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PSN ID: DrStoked

No Mic

East coast US

really digging this game

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ID: DrStoked



no headset :(

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@chrissedoff said:

Bob Sagat


Not sure if I will like how these characters interact with each other (or how Bob handles at all), but this will be the firt two characters I play as when I get the game