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Sucker Punch is fantastic; I loved all the Slys as well as both InFamouses(InFamousi?). It's all been uphill too, and InFamous 2 is one of my favorite games of the generation (dat good ending). Don't know why it seems so overlooked.

But you know, I'm not buying a PS4 at launch. I'll probably wait a year or until the first price drop. Or until I finish my enormous backlog of this gen, and all games coming out are next gen. This is going to be the first generation of consoles I can actually purchase completely on my own, and it's weird and scary.

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Doesn't this violate the entire point of Kickstarter? You know, kick starting an idea by providing funds, because it would never exist without the help of supporters?

Asking for money for a podcast is an entirely different question, but this thing shouldn't exist on Kickstarter. They just seem to be exploiting the platform and taking advantage of what people assume is going to be on there.

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Play Spec Ops: The Line. It'll break you down until you have no more emotions.

That's what you're going for, right?

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I'm (relatively) unemployed, and let me tell you. It's amazing.

I say relatively because I was working part time retail on top of being a student, and quit because "fuck my boss" (real dick, but that's another story). So I don't have to worry about bills and such because of my parents, but I can't go and buy video games and eat out like I was used to. My bank account is running low though, so I'm going to start some job searching this summer. But it was nice.

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Wow, that poll is really surprising.

Unfortunately, I have too. General Biology 101. But at my school, you're meant to fail Gen Bio, since it's used to weed out all the premed students. Something like 60% of my class failed, and it's designed in a way that the curve only kicks in after you legitimately pass. So despite over half the class failing, for the people who did pass, the average was like a B.

I don't really think much about it though, since I never planned to do anything with bio, and was a math major (who has since turned English/Econ double) then. Don't ask why I took bio in the first place...it's a long story.

Also, I dropped out of of Econometrics this semester. Like the name implies, it's really damn hard, and my teacher (a grad student) was really, really bad and kinda dumb. I was technically doing fine with a C (which is all you need for the major) at the time, but the class is a prereq for a bunch of other stuff, so I figured I should probably, you know, actually learn it.

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How could you be against Yoshi's Island? You throw eggs at things, and jump, and everything is happy and dandy.

Just forget the SMW title. It's arbitrary.

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I just want to see them all take a bite of one big thing again.

Oh god...

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Damn it, I really wanted to see the new game he was working on. If this means anything, it means that Ubisoft is going to get that game and Patrice isn't going to be able to finish it, and he'll have to start a new project from scratch elsewhere while this game he probably slaved over comes out unattached from him and his original vision.

That really, really blows.

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But not really, most people hate jelly donuts.