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so I'm rerolling on Warbringer to play with you guys, made a stalker called Venetica.

see you guys in the game

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I voted for Saint's Row and Divekick, because i will definitely be picking both up as soon as they are released. I have zero interest in Blacklist, and will wait for reviews of The Bureau. If it turns out good i might pick it up, or bookmark it for a future sale on Steam

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never watched a single episode of wrestling ever. But I am super excited for this

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I believe in John Carmack

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Happy birthday, Jeff!

Thanks for all the dumb stuff you have made over the years, and here's to many more years of dumb stuff

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A lot of people made great tribute art honoring Ryan, and I feel that any of those would've been a better choice. That said I agree with Milkman it's where the money is going not the shirt that matters, but I'll wait and see if they make a shirt with a design I like more, if they don't I'll buy this one.

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My condolences to the entire GB crew, to Ryan’s friends and Family. All of us will miss his voice every Tuesday, his insightful commentary, his great personality and his lovable dickishness.

I leave you with my favorite of Ryan’s many laughs during these 5 amazing years of Giant Bomb: Link

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It’s worth noting that Persona 4 came out December 2008 for the PS2, by then the PS3 had been around for 2 years, and the 360 for 3. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Persona 5 come out for 360/PS3 in 2014/2015, maybe even 2016.

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@beaker said:

I'm sure it's on the list of fixes.

Hope so, it's super useful

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if you are willing to be flexible, Brick is a great movie. While it takes place in what feels like a early 2000s American high school, it is a crime noir film through an through, and a really good one. its heavily influenced by the great noir movies and the hard-boiled detective novels of Dashiell Hammett.