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No, you are not a fraud.

Due to how young gaming is, in relation to other forms of entertainment, we can still see a lot of people, like Jeff, that have experience with the hobby as a whole, however the idea that you have to have an all-encompassing experience to be a legitimate fan of something is ridiculous. You do not have to watch every single movie to consider yourself a movie buff, the same goes for books or music.

However in all art forms exists the idea of the Classic, a seminal work that is seen as incredibly influential to the form as a whole. In gaming there are several of Classics, many made by Nintendo, going back and experiencing them is worthwhile, but you have to set your expectations accordingly.

I subscribe to what Rorie said on the last live stream of the year. Gaming is getting continuously better, and games coming out now are better than those of old, so going back to, as Jeff put it, “The Old Shit” can be a frustrating and depressing experience.

EDIT: can't remember if Rorie said that on the last live stream or on the last regular Bombcast.

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"Our next guest is a computer generated Vocaloid personality from Japan"

You can see by his face. There's a phrase David Letterman never thought he would say

That said, while the cultural weirdness of bringing Hatsune Miku to the US is what makes this whole thing great. The music itself feels like most Japanese Electronic Pop. Not really that unique or different

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My condolences to you and your family Jeff.

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sent a join request to Lincon Force East, PSN name is LazyMadVile

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so I'm rerolling on Warbringer to play with you guys, made a stalker called Venetica.

see you guys in the game

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I voted for Saint's Row and Divekick, because i will definitely be picking both up as soon as they are released. I have zero interest in Blacklist, and will wait for reviews of The Bureau. If it turns out good i might pick it up, or bookmark it for a future sale on Steam

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never watched a single episode of wrestling ever. But I am super excited for this

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I believe in John Carmack

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Happy birthday, Jeff!

Thanks for all the dumb stuff you have made over the years, and here's to many more years of dumb stuff

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A lot of people made great tribute art honoring Ryan, and I feel that any of those would've been a better choice. That said I agree with Milkman it's where the money is going not the shirt that matters, but I'll wait and see if they make a shirt with a design I like more, if they don't I'll buy this one.